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Chapter 1660: Immense Pressure

Dean He very timely said, “I think Mrs.

Wang looks a little tired.

Why dont we go and rest first”

“Yeah, Mom.

Go and rest first.

I will be done in a while.

Ill go over to look for you guys when Im done,” Lu Man said.

Wang Juhuai agreed, lest they continue being pestered if they stayed behind.

So they left together with Dean He.

Shi Xiaoya continued applying makeup for Lu Man and Howard did not dare to say anything now.

He was just bottled up with anger and looking for a place to vent.

When he turned to go back, he saw Shana and laughed mockingly at her.

“You are quite courageous to even dream of asking Wang Juhuai to compose songs for you.

I think itll be faster if you just dreamed about it.”

Shana replied furiously, “Howard! I helped you so much just now, yet youre turning on me right after How ungrateful!”

“Helped me” Howard sat down angrily in his seat.

“Were you helping me You embarrassed me so much just now.

I even apologized, but what happened”

His pride was all gone!

With that, Shana still had the decency to say that shed helped him

Shana was fuming with rage.

“Sure, sure, sure.

I was even in the wrong for helping you.

Fine! I wont care about your matters next time! I wont care whatever happens to you! Hah, I helped you, and yet you bit my hand almost immediately after.

What the hell!”

Youre worse off than a dog!

Shana sat down huffily in anger.

Both of them fell out with each other, both fuming at the top of their heads.

In contrast, Lu Mans side had an atmosphere that felt good.

The volunteer students brought two chairs for Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling so that both of them could sit down.

Or else, since both of them were so tall, if they just stood there, it would really make people feel pressured.

Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling very tacitly sat on both sides.

Han Zhuoli sat by Lu Mans side, and Han Zhuoling naturally sat by Shi Xiaoyas side.

Lu Man chatted with Han Zhuoli as she let Shi Xiaoya do the final adjustments to her makeup.

Shi Xiaoya felt immense pressure over on her side.

Han Zhuoling was sitting there.

He actually did not take his phone out to work but was watching her apply the makeup.

Shi Xiaoyas heart was thumping.

She wanted to ask, what was so interesting about her applying makeup And didnt he feel bored

Being stared at by Han Zhuoling like this, she could not concentrate and there were times when her hand was not steady enough when she was drawing.

Shi Xiaoya really could not stand it any longer and asked resignedly, “Young Master Ling, dont you need to work right now”

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli held in their laughter.

Even Shi Xiaoya knew how much of a workaholic Han Zhuoling was.

“My work is all done.” Han Zhuoling felt puzzled and asked, “Why would I work when Im here”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself: its not like she had never seen him work on his phone.

She then heard Han Zhuoling explain, “I dont work all the time, you know.”

Not like he was really a robot.

“Oh.” Shi Xiaoya merely replied that and did not say anything else.

She tried her best to focus on Lu Mans face and realized that her face seemed to lack a bit of something.

After thinking for quite some time, Shi Xiaoya went to find pictures of the original cast of After Sunset.

Lu Mans makeup was not exactly the same as the original actress.

After all, their faces were not the same, so there were still some changes needed when it came to the details.

What the makeup needed to accentuate, which parts it needed to cover, were all different.

There was no way to make it completely identical.

However, the overall look and feel already matched very well with the film.

But Shi Xiaoya still felt that something was missing.

A flash of light crossed her mind as she finally recalled it.

She immediately searched for her brown gel eyeliner and dotted uneven spots under Lu Mans eyes, on her nose, as well as on the sides of her cheek.

Shi Xiaoya explained to Lu Man, “The original actress in the film was under the sun all day long but obviously did not have the means to put on any sunscreen or do anything to shield her from the sun, so there would surely be a lot of dark spots on her face.”

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