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Chapter 1662: What Do You Do When a Girl Gives You the “Good Person” Card

“After my performance, the first thing Ill do is to wash my hands clean.

Having foundation all over my hands feels way too uncomfortable,” Lu Man said as she looked at her hands.

Both of them walked in front while Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya walked at the back.

Shi Xiaoya mustered her courage to give thanks.

“Young Master Ling, thank you for just now, for standing up for me.”

“Its fine.” Han Zhuoling pinched his fingers together and said, “Anyway, you dont need to worry.

Its impossible for anyone to make things difficult for you.”

Shi Xiaoya could not help but look up at him.

As both of them were walking side by side, Han Zhuoling was right beside her, so she had to turn her head.

But because Han Zhuoling was way too tall, when she turned her head, she still had to raise her head up high to see his face.

Doing this made her neck feel a little strained.

But when she saw Han Zhuolings side profile, that uncomfortable feeling in her neck unknowingly faded.

When this man wasnt talking, his eyes looked so strict.

There was not much difference compared to the first time she saw him.

It was because, after many interactions, she was not afraid of him anymore.

Even when he looked strict when he was not speaking, she actually felt that his face looked a little more gentle.

And no matter what his expression was, he just looked very good.

Her gaze was way too obvious, so Han Zhuoling really could not pretend that he did not notice.

He finally could not stand it and turned to look at her, questioning her silently.

When he was looking at her, that seemingly cold and stern face instantly mellowed into gentleness.

Even though there was no obvious expression on his face, he could simply let others see the change in it.

His sharp eyes became gentle, and his gaze was filled with patience.

Shi Xiaoya did not expect him to suddenly turn around.

She was caught off guard and totally forgot to react, so she just stared straight back into his eyes like this.

Under his gentle gaze, she could not help but think that that ex-wife of Han Zhuolings was really silly.

He was such a good man, yet she did not even know to cherish him.

If she did not even like Han Zhuoling, what kind of man did she even want to find

In Shi Xiaoyas eyes, Han Zhuoling was already extremely, indescribably good.

Such a fine man.

What exactly was Xia Yixin thinking, to betray and to hurt him

When faced with Han Zhuolings silent, gentle probe, Shi Xiaoya shook her head as her face heated up.


I just think that… youre really very good.


Han Zhuolings throat rumbled for a moment.

He felt his mouth run dry and his body heat up to the point of piping out smoke, as if there was a big fire urn burning in his body.

He retracted his gaze.

If not for the fact that Shi Xiaoya was still around, he really felt like grabbing Han Zhuoli to ask, “What should I do if Ive been given agood person card\'[1] by a girl”

Shi Xiaoya also turned her head back and tried her best to look straight ahead.

She felt so nervous that she quietly kept taking deep breaths.

This was her first time praising a man so directly.

Would Han Zhuoling think that she was too thick-skinned and too unreserved

Shi Xiaoya regretted her impulsiveness right after.

Her guilty conscience made her even more scared of talking to Han Zhuoling.

And Han Zhuoling

He was still thinking about how he got the “good person card” for no reason just now.

What exactly did he say or do to be given the “good person card”

Wasnt that such an injustice

Both of them each harbored their own thoughts, not talking all the way until they reached the lounge prepared by the school for Xia Qingwei.

Seeing that one more person had come along, Wang Juhuai smiled and asked, “Is this your friend”

“Yeah.” Lu Man smiled happily as she said, “This is Shi Xiaoya.

She came to help me put on makeup today.

There have been quite a few times that my makeup was done by her.

Shes the best makeup artist in the country.

Now that I think about it, were quite fated as well.

In the show, Survivor, she is also Big Brothers makeup artist.”

[1] Receiving one means being rejected by the girl a man likes in Chinese slang

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