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Chapter 1664: This Young Lady Is

Meanwhile, over at Old Mrs.

Hans and Lin Liyes side, both of them pretended as if they had never seen Shi Xiaoya before.

Especially Old Mrs.

Han, who acted so exaggeratedly.

“Aiya! Who is this young lady You look so unfamiliar.”

Shen Nuo: “…”

There were many people around, so if one spoke softer, one would not be easily heard.

Xia Qingwei finally asked a question she had always been curious about: “That Miss Shi is—”

Shen Nuo could not help but chuckle.

Seeing how Shi Xiaoyas attention had been completely turned to Old Mrs.

Han, she explained in a soft voice to Xia Qingwei, “Judging from that tone, our Zhuoling has feelings for Miss Shi.

You know too, that child usually seems like his mind has not opened up, and hes never put his thoughts on women, as if love to him was non-existent.

It made our Old Madam and my elder sister-in-law anxious to no end.”

Xia Qingwei also shook her head and chuckled.

She knew too about Han Zhuolings previous marriage.

Judging from how Han Zhuoling had handled that matter, she knew that Han Zhuoling was an especially good person.

Righteous and responsible.

He appeared quite cold and aloof on the surface, but in reality, he valued relationships a lot.

It was just that he was a very reserved person and did not express anything, so one rare good thing was to be able to let the other party see the good in him beneath his cold appearance.

If the other party could be patient and not back off just because of his initial aloofness, but patiently wait and interact with him, as well as have an eye to appreciate the many great things about him beneath his cold exterior…

Then the person would discover that he had so many virtues, and that he was quite precious.

Once the person really got to know the good about him, the person would not be willing to let go.

If she took one step further and was able to make him fall in love with her, then she would definitely win his heart and soul, which would not change until death.

To be able to make a man like this fall in love with you was a kind of good fortune.

At first, Xia Qingwei had been unfamiliar with Han Zhuoling and did not know about his good or bad sides.

But because there was Han Dongping as a leading example, Xia Qingwei held a reserved attitude towards Han Zhuoling and did not interact much with him.

But after his divorce, Xia Qingwei completely changed her perception of Han Zhuoling.

She also sincerely hoped that Han Zhuoling could find true happiness.

Xia Qingwei said in a low voice, “Zhuoling is a good man.

Previously, regarding the issue with Xia Yixin, it was Xia Yixin who lacked judgment and taste.

She clearly had such a good husband, yet she did not know how to cherish him and let go of such a good man with her bare hands.

This also shows that she is not fated to be with Zhuoling.

This was probably a different kind of fate.

If not for that matter previously, how would Zhuoling fall in love with Miss Shi”

“If he did not get a divorce earlier on, Zhuoling might not even throw a second glance even if it was towards Miss Shi.

To put it differently, just when Zhuoling finally sincerely liked a lady and realized that he liked Miss Shi, he would already be married.

Given how much Zhuoling stands by his principles, he definitely would not do anything to betray his marriage, and he would rather suppress himself.

He might not even be able to fall in love in his lifetime then.”

“If Xia Yixin had been a good person, at least she could have made Zhuoling fall in love with her, and that would still have been fine.

But Xia Yixin, that woman, she even—” Xia Qingwei smiled and continued, “So thats why, luckily, he got a divorce previously.

Or else now, Zhuoling would be in a difficult spot.”

Shen Nuo had not thought so deeply before.

After Xia Qingwei said that, she then realized that that was the case.

After understanding what was going on between Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, both of them then turned to look at Old Mrs.

Han at the same time.

Old Mrs.

Han had just asked Shi Xiaoya who she was and Lin Liye followed suit as well, all the while smiling happily at Shi Xiaoya, as if she could not bear to take her eyes off of her.

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