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Chapter 1666: They Just Wanted to Starve

But seeing their reaction, she really could not think of any other possibility.

Just as Shi Xiaoya was wracking her brains trying to think of how to explain herself, Han Zhuoling suddenly said, “Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Second Aunt.”

Han Zhuolings voice was really a lifesaver.

Shi Xiaoya heaved a sigh of relief as she heard Han Zhuoling ask, “Have you all eaten before coming”

“No,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Doesnt the competition start at 7:30 pm Wed decided to come early.

Considering the travel time to reach here, we were afraid there would be a jam, so we left the house at 5:30 pm.

We felt that eating at 4:30 pm would be a little too early, so we decided not to eat.

Were thinking of eating after watching the competition, which would be around 9 pm.

That wont be too late.”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

Who knew this question would instigate Old Mrs.

Han again

Old Mrs.

Han clasped Shi Xiaoyas hand and did not seem willing to let go at all.

“Xiaoya, have you and Lu Man eaten”

Shi Xiaoya smiled and replied, “We havent either.

We were afraid there would not be enough time, so we put on the makeup earlier and did not have time to eat.

Lu Man was afraid that eating would smear the makeup, so she did not dare to eat at all.”

Who knew, the moment Shi Xiaoya said that, Han Zhuoli would produce dime-sized sandwiches out of the blue, which were kept in a box for freshness.

Each sandwich had a small toothpick stuck into it.

Han Zhuoli was heard saying, “Man Man, eat some first.”

Hearing this sound, everyone turned over and saw Han Zhuoli carrying the sandwich box and feeding Lu Man one of the sandwiches that had a toothpick stuck into it.

They even heard him explain, “I expected that you wouldnt have time to eat, and it wont be convenient to eat dim sum when waiting for your performance later.

I cant possibly let you starve before going up on stage, so I asked Auntie He to prepare it and send it over at noontime so that I can bring it over.”

Lu Man was about to eat, but she realized that everyones gaze was fixed on her.

The others have not even eaten yet, but she was here enjoying her own food, which was really not very appropriate.

Lu Man said in a small voice, “Ill just eat two pieces to satiate my hunger.

Grandma and the rest havent eaten yet.”

“Dont worry, I ordered food from the school vicinity, it will arrive soon,” Han Zhuoli said.

“We can all feel free to eat.

You dont need to worry about the makeup smudging.”

Old Mrs.

Hans palms were itching.

She felt like smacking Han Zhuoli.

Who asked him to order food!

They just wanted to starve!

Only then could they have an excuse to drag Shi Xiaoya along to eat after the competition had ended!

Luckily, Han Zhuoli was also quite mischievous now.

The moment he heard Old Mrs.

Han say that, he knew what she was planning, so he naturally would not spoil her plan.

Han Zhuoli smiled and explained to Old Mrs.

Han, “I didnt order a proper meal.

By the time the food is delivered, the competition would have started a long time ago, so I just ordered some small dim sum to ease our hunger first.

Once the competition is over, we can go and eat a proper meal.”

Han Zhuoli naturally would not let the elders think badly of Lu Man.

He was good to Lu Man, but he could not make the elders dislike Lu Man because of what he did.

All along, the elders of the Han Family were very loving and protective of Lu Man, but Lu Man was also very mindful and would not do anything that would make the elders uncomfortable no matter how much they adored her.

“Thats not bad, not bad.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded in satisfaction, thinking to herself that Han Zhuoli had become quite astute now!

A married person was really different.

Lu Man happened to be sitting beside Shen Nuo.

Shen Nuo smiled and said to Lu Man, “You dont need to be so mindful about everything.

We are not so petty.”

Lu Man smiled and nodded before preparing to eat the sandwiches without worry.

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