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Chapter 1680: Good Foresight

“Director Xu,” Tan Xiaoyun reminded him with a smile, “lets wait until after the competition before extending invitations.

The competitions still going on, how eager are you!”

Inviting her on the spot wasnt enough, he even started to think of ways to convince Lu Man, afraid that shed disagree.

If he was given the time to continue, the competition would end immediately.

Its almost like he wanted to persuade Lu Man to sign the contract right then and there.

Tan Xiaoyun could only remind Xu Jiashan helplessly.

Whats more, Lu Man had Han Zhuoli behind her.

What if she wanted to discuss this with Han Zhuoli

They couldnt fight with Han Zhuoli no matter what, could they

Xu Jiashan finally remembered and slapped his head.

“Look at me, always forgetting where Im at every time I see a great actor, always wanting to engage them before doing anything else.”

Xu Jiashan laughed.

“Alright, well continue discussing after the competition ends.

Consider it, Lu Man.”

“Okay!” Lu Man agreed with a smile.

Old Mrs.

Han, who was sitting in the guest row, said to Shen Nuo, “This director has good foresight!”

Shen Nuo nodded in agreement.

“Indeed, booking Man Man early now.

Otherwise, when Man Man becomes an award-winning actress, he wont have a chance of approaching her.”

“Thats right, Man Mans acting skills are this.” Old Mrs.

Han put up her thumb.

“She hasnt even graduated and so many great directors like her already.

When shes officially taking on shows, shell win the best actress title in no time, so quickly that no one would know how to react.

So he can only do it now.

Otherwise, with Man Mans ability, shell soar immediately.”

Xia Qingwei was seated beside them, and even if she was Lu Mans biological mother, she was embarrassed hearing how Old Mrs.

Han and Shen Nuo praised her.

The mother- and daughter-in-law pair had more confidence in Lu Man than Lu Man had in herself.

Even if Lu Man was here, shed be embarrassed to say that Xu Jiashan would have no chance of engaging her in the future if he didnt seize the chance now.

Shen Nuo nodded, then said with slight disdain, “This Deng Xu needs improvement.

Man Man acted so well, he should know that well being the director.

Why didnt he make her the lead role for his next show in advance Such a great director, but with poorer foresight than Xu Jiashan.”

“True, true.” Old Mrs.

Han nodded vigorously.

“He needs help!”

They were seated in the guest row, but the guest row had other people too!

All heard the pairs conversation.

Everybody: “…”

There were rumours circulating that life in the Han Family for Lu Man wasnt as glorified as they thought.

Since she was a penniless Cinderella with a bunch of ridiculous relatives, any wealthy family was likely to look down on such a daughter-in-law, especially as Lu Man married into the Han Family with nothing to her name.

The most likely reason was that the elders in the Han Family couldnt stop Han Zhuoli from liking her.

From the things Lu Man had done previously, it was obvious that she was a scheming person with good tactics.

Who knew what method shed used to attract and keep Han Zhuoli

Everyones still guessing about Han Zhuolis and Lu Mans relationship, about whether they were merely putting on a show to increase their popularity.

But everyone was certain that the Han Family was dissatisfied with Lu Man.

They had no proof, but thought it common sense.

How could a big family like the Han Family have no negative opinion of Lu Man

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