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Chapter 1697: I Think I Hear Someone Shouting

Lin Liye got in the car with Shen Nuo as well.

Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man to leave with him.

Only Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were left in the car park.

Han Zhuoling realized that after a few days of not seeing her, seeing her today made his heart beat uncontrollably now.

His heart beat went “dum dum dum” furiously fast, and he could not calm down no matter how he tried.

Seeing her, he felt that his lips could not help wanting to curve up, as if something went wrong with his facial muscles.

It could not be controlled at all.

In other words, the corners of his mouths had their own thoughts.

As long as he saw Shi Xiaoyas face, his mood would be exceptionally good.

Han Zhuoling never expected that there would come a time when he would miss a girl so much.

Previously, his feelings were still quite average.

When he saw Shi Xiaoya, his whole body felt light and refreshed.

As if in that instant, a mountain full of wildflowers had blossomed.

Han Zhuoling was about to say something when he saw Han Zhuofeng running over from afar.

“Lets get into the car first,” Han Zhuoling immediately said.

Shi Xiaoya was back-facing Han Zhuofeng and had not seen him yet.

Shi Xiaoya nodded obediently and sat in Han Zhuolings car.

Han Zhuoling sat in and speedily fastened his seatbelt, followed by a series of actions done with absolute speed and familiarity, which all seemed very natural to him.

He took a quick glance at the rearview mirror and saw Han Zhuofeng braving the harsh cold winds and still running towards them.

As he ran, he shouted, “Brother, wait for me! Dont start the car yet!”

“Whats that sound I think I hear someone shouting,” Shi Xiaoya said.

The windows of the car were down.

Han Zhuoling turned on the aircon, warming up the car interior.

The winds were quite strong outside, so Shi Xiaoya could only vaguely hear some noise, but she was not sure of it.

She was about to turn around when Han Zhuoling quickly stepped on the pedal and turned the car to exit.

“Its probably the wind,” Han Zhuoling said very calmly.

Just when Shi Xiaoya turned back to look, she could no longer see Han Zhuofeng, who was at the back.


I think I really misheard, then.” Seeing that there was no one behind, Shi Xiaoya did not continue looking back.

Han Zhuofeng stopped dumbfounded as he watched Han Zhuolings car boot disappearing at the speed of light before him.

What in the world

Wasnt he being picked up by the Han Family

He had followed the family to come over here to give Lu Man support and encouragement.

It was fine if everyones attention was on Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya.

Yet when it ended and they were about to leave, he just went to the toilet and they all disappeared when he came out.

He quickly called Lin Liye, but they said that they had already left.

When Han Zhuofeng ran out, Han Zhuoling was fortunately still there.

Han Zhuofeng quickly ran over towards him, wanting Han Zhuoling to drive him over.

Yet when he just started running over, he seemed to have seen Han Zhuoling glance towards his direction.

He should have seen him… right

Han Zhuofeng thought about it, but he could not be sure either.

But he had already shouted so loudly—Han Zhuoling actually refused to stop the car!

And he drove off super fast!

Was he really his older brother

Han Zhuofeng was shaking from anger.

He instantly took out his phone to call Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuolings phone was on the supporting phone bracket right in front of him.

When his phone rang, he could not even pretend he could not hear even if he wanted to.

Shi Xiaoya glanced at it and saw that the name on the display was Han Zhuofengs.

Han Zhuoling put on the Bluetooth earpiece and answered the call.


“Brother, didnt you see me just now” Han Zhuofeng asked pitifully.

Han Zhuoling said without a hint of guilt, “I didnt.

Why You were there just now”

“Yeah!” Han Zhuofeng felt utterly aggrieved.

Han Zhuoling play-acted quite decently.

“Where were you How come I didnt see you”

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