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Chapter 1710: Im Also a Decent Match

Shi Nancang “hmphed” at him.

Shen Shian sighed and said to Shi Nancang helplessly, “Tell me honestly.

Besides the fact that I like your younger sister, what else about me is bad”

Shi Nancang checked him out from top to toe.

Besides that point, there was really nothing bad about Shen Shian.

He did not have the bad habits of those rich playboys, was morally upright, serious about handling his family business, did not fool around, and had a very clean private life as well.

He could be said to be young and capable.

“To tell the truth, I am quite popular across various families and have been on the top list for blind date matches.

Im young and not too old for your younger sister, but I am still older than her and can dote on her.

My private life is very clean, and I wont casually fool around with other women.

You know all these too.”

“Im serious about my work, and I can helm my familys business in the future.

Even you wouldnt want your younger sister to find a common man and suffer hardship together with him.

Although you have your family to back her up so her life will not be too hard no matter what, male inferiority will always be a thing.

Were all men, and we know that very well.

When the two of them have a huge disparity between them, especially when the wife has a higher status than himself, not many men would really not mind it at all.

Conflicts after marriage would only increase, and whatever feelings they have would slowly be erased.”

“But if you found someone whos on par in status, you dont have to worry about those rich playboys who wont treat her well.” Shen Shian smiled at Shi Nancang as he said, “I dont have any of those bad habits.

I am your friend as well.

No matter what, you can still keep an eye on me.

If anything goes wrong, you will know immediately.

So if you thought about it, I am still quite a decent match, right”

After Shen Shian said that, Shi Nancang really seriously thought about this possibility.

He had to admit, Shen Shian was right.

He would not be assured if it was other people.

What if that person was a playboy

What if he lied to Shi Xiaoya

His younger sister was a little ditzy sometimes, so she had to find a man who would really treat her well.

Or else, if that man really did something untoward to her outside, given Shi Xiaoyas personality, she would not be able to find out, and it was not possible for him to keep watch on them all the time.

As for Shen Shian, it could be considered that he really knew him inside out.

Both of them were childhood friends, so Shen Shian and Shi Xiaoya were not unfamiliar with each other either.

The most important thing was that Shen Shians character was really trustworthy.

After so many years, he had never seen him fool around, so his character was really quite good.

If he really had to introduce someone to Shi Xiaoya, Shi Nancang would really think that he should find someone he was familiar with, so at least he knew the person and felt that the person was quite decent.

And besides Shen Shian, the others did not seem that suitable either.

His few brothers liked to play and make a ruckus.

They were not mature enough, so how could they take good care of his younger sister

Shen Shian continued, “Think about it, take it as youre giving me a chance.

Most importantly, it depends on your younger sister.

What if your younger sister isnt interested in me”

Shi Nancang laughed disdainfully.


My younger sister might really not like you.”

Shen Shian rolled his eyes at him.

He wont stoop to the level of a younger sister control freak.

However, he was also only at the good impression stage in his feelings for Shi Xiaoya.

The first thing he was attracted to was naturally her looks.

Men were all visual animals.

If she was pretty, they would naturally be attracted.

But Shi Xiaoya was also cute, so Shen Shian felt that that was quite good.

But his feelings were not very deep either.

It was just a first impression in which he felt that she was not bad.

If Shi Xiaoya did not have any feelings for him, he would not feel too disappointed either.

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