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Chapter 1720: I Want to Carry You Home Right Now

The space in the room was limited.

Lu Man did not know how long the tail end of her dress extended for.

“The measurements are just right.” The assistant smiled and said, “Mrs.

Han, do you think there are any areas where the measurements dont fit well”

Lu Man moved around for a bit.


Its really just right.”

“Then shall we go out and let Mr.

Han take a look” the assistant asked.

“Okay.” Lu Man stared at herself in the mirror.

She had long been married to Han Zhuoli and should not be nervous to do anything in front of him by now.

But this was the first time she was trying on a wedding dress, and she instantly felt the same nervousness she had when she went to collect her wedding certificate for the first time.

She did not even dare to imagine how nervous she would be when she really walked on the red carpet in her wedding in the future.

In the present moment, she already felt so nervous that she kept taking deep breaths.

The assistant said considerately, “Mrs.

Han, we will go outside first.

When you are ready, you can call for us again.”

They planned on giving Lu Man some space to let her calm down on her own.

“No need,” Lu Man said.

“Im prepared for it.”

It was true.

What was there to be nervous about with her own husband

But she just could not control her nervousness.

She wondered if Han Zhuoli would like her when he saw her in a wedding dress and whether he would think she looked nice.

The two assistants then helped Lu Man lift the long tail of her dress and knocked on the door twice.

Another assistant opened the door for them from the outside.

Lu Man lifted the front of her dress and walked out.

The moment Han Zhuoli saw Lu Man, his eyes lit up instantly.

The corners of his lips could not help but widen as it curved upwards before he broke into a silent smile.

His eyes were fixed on Lu Man.

Aside from her, he could not see anyone else.

In that moment, Lu Man seemed to see stars shining in Han Zhuolis eyes.

Han Zhuolis legs seem to be rooted in the ground.

He did not move an inch and could only follow Lu Man fervently with his strong gaze.

After quite a while, he finally calmed down and immediately walked up to Lu Man in big strides.

Lu Man was wearing a wedding dress, but she did not know how she looked like in Han Zhuolis eyes and was very nervous as she asked, “Does it look nice”

“Nice.” Han Zhuoli stared straight at Lu Man and took in every detail about her.

The two assistants retreated silently to leave ample space for the two of them.

So many rich and famous ladies were willing to come to Qin Zigou, not just because of his outstanding designs, but also because the service here was really very considerate and attentive.

There were many things that need not be said and they would know what the best way to handle it would be.

They could always manage the situation very well and understandingly and leave the most comfortable space for their guests.

They were not overly passionate, but they were observant.

When there was no one around, Han Zhuoli lowered his voice and said, “It looks nice, so nice that I want to carry you home right now.”

Han Zhuoli held her waist.

Her waist was tightly fitted in the wedding dress.

Her slim-waisted figure had been clearly accentuated by the dress.

He held it with both hands, and his fingertips were almost about to touch each other.

“You look way too alluring in a wedding dress,” Han Zhuoli said in a slightly hoarse voice.

Her skin looked as fair and illuminating as ever under the white wedding dress and did not pale in comparison at all.

Lu Mans whole body heated up from Han Zhuolis intense stare.

He said that she looked really alluring in a wedding dress, but to her, his low, hoarse voice was even more alluring.

Han Zhuolis hand that had been holding the side of her waist slowly trailed down to the back of her waist, locking her in his embrace.

He lowered his head and his lips pressed close to her ears as he said, “I want to take this wedding dress off of you with my own hands.”

Lu Man trembled, and her nervous breathing instantly became ragged.

The spot where his hand was pressing against felt unbelievably hot even though it was separated by the wedding dress.

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