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Chapter 1724: Could It Be Real Love

As for He Zhengbai, that scum, how would Lu Man possibly have such bad taste as to like him again

Han Zhuoli knew that Lu Man brought it up now probably because she felt it was interesting.

“What” Lu Man laughed.

“I saw them entering a wedding dress shop.

I didnt think that they were getting married as well.”

In her previous life, Lu Qi and He Zhengbai did get married.

But their life trajectory was completely different from now.

In her previous life, Lu Qis career in the entertainment industry was very smooth-sailing, and she became an A-list celebrity.

He Zhengbai also became a pretty well-known director himself.

Both of them were very successful in their lives and careers, so there was nothing bad about it.

Lu Qiyuans company also continued operating well and did not run into any incidents.

Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyangs relationship had also been quite good.

Not like in this lifetime where Lu Qiyuan suffered a stroke.

Even if he recovered, his health had been dealt a blow.

And he got tired of Xia Qingyang.

And the Lu Corporation was going on a downward spiral, looking like it would go bust any moment.

Lu Qi had already been marginalized to the periphery of the entertainment industry, and He Zhengbai did not have any films to direct.

Be it in their lives or careers, none of it was a smooth ride.

They had too easy lives in their past life; they did not have any conflict between them, even though their marriage involved their personal interests as well.

But because of the presence of the He Familys business and the Lu Corporation, both of them stood to gain from each other at least.

These personal interests seemed to be hidden under a wonderful superficial appearance.

Those conflicts and ugliness did not surface.

As to whether they knew about it directly involving themselves, and whether they knew it well deep down, no one could know.

But given how dumb she was in her previous life, she really could not tell.

But in this life, Lu Qi and He Zhengbais conflicts were way too many, and they all erupted early on.

In her previous life, He Zhengbai switched to be with Lu Qi precisely because he realized that Lu Qi was Lu Qiyuans biological daughter and that the Lu Corporation would eventually go to her.

Compared to the unloved Lu Man, Lu Qi clearly had more value.

But in this life, these things which He Zhengbai cared about no longer existed.

The Lu Corporation was going downhill and might even need to rely on the He Familys support to be sustained.

Lu Qi also fell out of favor with Lu Qiyuan after doing some stupid things time and again.

On top of the fact that Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyangs relationship ran into problems, he no longer accepted their flaws and loved them all the same.

Hence, for the interests that He Zhengbai sought after in his previous life, he was not able to get a single one of them from Lu Qi in this life.

Given Lu Qis current situation, dont even talk about getting into the A-list.

It was hard for people to even remember that she existed in the entertainment industry.

It was difficult for He Zhengbai to use Lu Qis fame to publicize himself too now.

In this life, whatever He Zhengbai wanted was all gone.

He and Lu Qi actually wanted to get married

Could it really be true love

Lu Man voiced out her thoughts directly.

She did not have other feelings for He Zhengbai and was totally not scared of it.

As for Han Zhuoli, she would just speak her mind.

“To tell the truth, given their selfish personalities, I really did not think that they will get married.” Lu Man sputtered out a laugh and said, “I thought that given their personalities, they would break up and fall out with each other sooner or later.”

Han Zhuoli only then understood what Lu Man was getting at.

He said, “The Lu Corporation ran into problems long ago.

Probably around the time when Lu Qiyuan had a stroke and was hospitalized.

At that time, the Lu Corporations operations also seemed a little strange.

Their companys accounts, Im naturally not privy to it.

I could check if I wanted to, but Im personally not interested in it.

The only reason why I know about their companys situation is because the Lu Corporations precarious situation now is all being forced out by the Han Corporation.”

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