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Chapter 1730: Ultimately, Shes the Incapable One

Why should she get it!

She wanted to see how Lu Man would perform in that role!

No matter which industry, people who were incapable yet still came in with special rights and hoarded resources were always disliked.

In Wu Jinglis eyes, Lu Man was such a person.

But in front of Xu Jiashan, Wu Jingli did not feel good expressing that out, so she smiled patronizingly and said, “Then, Director Xu, I will carry on with my rehearsal.”

Wu Jingli went back to the training room.

After Xu Jiashan showed Lu Man around, he sent her out and said, “Wu Jinglis acting skills are not bad.

She probably feels that you are young, so she could not take it that you took such an important role the moment you came in.”

If something like this happened right at the start before choosing the role, Lu Man would probably take a step back and choose a less important role.

Anyway, she was just here to learn.

But now, the role had already been fixed, and she did like the role of Man Yun and was confident that she would be able to act it out well.

At this point, she would not back down.

“I know,” Lu Man said confidently.

“Thank you, Director Xu, for your faith in me and for entrusting such an important role to me.

I will definitely act it well.

I am confident about this.”

For Xu Jiashan to pick out three characters for her to choose from, this was already not the kind of treatment that normal actors received.

“As long as I act well and use my capability to speak for me, this kind of superficial targeting would at least not exist.

As for what other people are thinking deep down, I have no right to interfere with that.” And cant be bothered with it either.

“I didnt think that not only is your acting good, even your thinking is very transparent.” Xu Jiashan shook his head and laughed.

“Its probably because you have such an astute mind that youre able to have a good grasp of your acting.”

Lu Man took the script home with her.

As the script was not finalized yet, Lu Man was not in a rush to memorize it but was first focused on familiarizing herself with the story, analyzing the role of Man Yun, and thinking of how to interpret this role and have an image of this role in her heart.

When Han Zhuoli came back, Lu Man showed him the contract.

“You take a look and see how it is.

I looked through it and dont think theres a problem,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli took over the contract and said, “I think Xu Jiashan wouldnt resort to setting traps for you in the contract.”

Xu Jiashan was not that dumb.

With Han Zhuoli around, Xu Jiashan would not insert any loopholes into the contract.

Or else, if it was someone else who was a newcomer like Lu Man, how would he let her take the contract back to scrutinize it and renegotiate whatever she felt was not appropriate

It was impossible, and the contract would surely contain quite a lot of unequal clauses.

It was up to you to sign it.

Han Zhuoli directly sent a copy of the contract to his lawyer.

“But which role did you choose” Han Zhuoli took over the contract that Lu Man was passing to him and casually flipped through it.

“Take a look.

Besides the lead role, which other characters do you think stand out the most” Lu Man said as she smiled.

Han Zhuoli really started looking seriously at it.

“Probably Man Yun,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Although I only started looking at it, at least the moment she comes out, the show becomes quite interesting.”


I chose her.

Director Xu let me choose whichever I wanted,” Lu Man said.

“I didnt think someone else was also eying this character.

I probably already offended one person before I officially went in.”

“Whats wrong with that Ultimately, shes the incapable one.

If her acting was that good, Xu Jiashan would not have agreed to giving that role to you just because of your background.

The first thing he has to ensure is the quality of the play.

He took the initiative to let you choose among these three characters, so it shows that he thinks you are up to the task and are more suitable than anyone else,” Han Zhuoli said without minding it at all.

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