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The terms Xu Jiashan offered were really quite good, and they were obviously not the kind that a newcomer could get.

He totally considered her as an experienced actress within the industry.

Once the contract was confirmed to have no issues, Lu Man did not have any other requests either, so she signed the contract with Xu Jiashan.

She was only waiting for the time when she would officially join the production crew.


Meanwhile, Shi Xiaoya received notice from Chi Xingrui that the filming for the third episode would officially begin on Saturday.

Usually, the filming need not be done over the weekends, but considering that Han Zhuoling had work in the Han Corporation, they decided to use the time over the weekends to film the third episode so that it would not delay his work.

Also, the first episode of Survivor would premiere on the day before the official filming for the third episode starts, which would be on Friday.

What Lu Dongliu implied was that if the guests schedules allowed for it, they could gather together to watch the premiere episode on Friday night.

They could see how the show looked like when it airs as well as how they performed in the show.

They could also see where they could further improve on, from the guests to the production of the show.

This was also why the show would begin airing when only up to the third episode had been filmed, rather than after all the shows episodes had been filmed.

In this way, they could make adjustments based on the audiences reaction to the show, providing greater flexibility to the production process.

But no doubt, this brought a lot of pressure on the production team.

From each weeks theme, production, to the final editing, they had a very limited time frame to work with, yet they had to ensure the high quality of the show produced within this limited time allotted to them.

If there was an episode with a bad reception or if, starting from the first episode, the reaction was already not good, then they would have to stay up late for several nights to change their plans.

Hence, whenever an episode of the show was about to air, Lu Dongliu would feel increasingly stressed.

He even had fever blisters around his mouth, all because there was too much “heat” in his body.

After receiving the notification, Shi Xiaoya thought about it before taking the initiative to contact Han Zhuoling in a rare move.

She sent him a message on WeChat.

“I just received the notification from the director.

Filming starts on Saturday.

Does this fit your schedule”

When Shi Xiaoya sent the message, Han Zhuoling was in a meeting.

His phone was placed right before him on the table and put on silent mode.

But this did not prevent him from seeing the notification on the screen when it lit up and that it was Shi Xiaoyas name showing up on the display.

Han Zhuoling was listening to a report at the moment.

He had never been distracted by these things when working and never bothered about them.

Often, when there were some private matters that came up while he was working, hed end up forgetting about it later.

Even once he was done with work, hed only realized it after the day was over.

But now, Han Zhuoling could not help but keep glancing at his phone screen.

He wondered what Shi Xiaoya said to him, and he was itching to see it.

It was the first time he felt that looking at private messages was actually more important than work.

This was the first time a situation like this occurred ever since he started working officially.

Han Zhuoling could not stand it in the end.

He lifted his hand to slide and unlock the phone screen and saw the message Shi Xiaoya had sent to him.

“It fits.” Han Zhuolings phone was still placed on the table in front of him.

He listened to the report as he replied to Shi Xiaoyas message swiftly with one hand.

But when he saw the two plain words on the screen, he felt that it did not sound right.

He added, “I will take care of the air tickets.

You dont have to worry.

Ill let you know what time to set off afterward.”

“Okay,” Shi Xiaoya quickly replied.



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