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Chapter 1733: Coming Back Overnight

They did not know it was Lu Man back then.

But at that time, when Han Zhuoli was having a meeting, as long as Lu Man called, Han Zhuoli would immediately stop the meeting and go out and talk to Lu Man first.

He would come back and continue the meeting after he was done talking.

When pitted against his wife, work and meetings and the like all had to give way.

The first time they saw Han Zhuoli like that, they were also very shocked.

But after a few times, they got used to it.

But theyd thought at first that Han Zhuoling would not be like that.

After all, Han Zhuoling was someone who would even not go back home just to work.

Yet now, even he knew how to message a girl!

How did they know it was a girl

No man would have such a huge charm!

Just looking at how gentle Han Zhuoling looked when he sent that message, they could be sure that it was a lady.

He was only messaging her now.

Looks like it would be just a matter of time before he stopped the meeting to answer her calls.

This pair of brothers really loved beautiful ladies more than their careers.

Han Zhuoli was originally a workaholic too.

But ever since he got together with Lu Man, his focus completely shifted to Lu Man and even his work had to stand aside.

Although his work had not been affected, Han Zhuolis actions were obviously showing that his work was not as important as Lu Man.

Yet they did not expect that it would now be Han Zhuolings turn to be like that.

Han Zhuoling returned to his office and called Tong Chunian in.

“Young Master Ling,” Tong Chunian greeted after he came in.

Han Zhuoling said, “Go and arrange something for me.

I want a private jet to Ning City on Friday.”

Han Zhuoling gave Tong Chunian the exact address that Lu Dongliu had sent to him.

“The third episode of Survivor will be filmed here.”

Tong Chunian saw the address and said, “This is a tourist destination thats quite a distance away from Ning City.

Its an ancient fortress that had been restored after it suffered some damage.”

As it was an ancient site, the location would surely be far away from the city.

This huge fortress looked more like a castle, lofty and magnificent.

It was a very famous tourist attraction.

To protect this fortress, the local authorities had set a quota on the number of visitors allowed per day.

Visitors needed to book a visit in advance and could only book a slot on another day if the slots for a particular day were already filled.

It was evident how popular that place was.

“The details of the filming are not clear, but the first stop for filming will be that fortress,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I understand.

Ill arrange it now,” Tong Chunian said.

“The production team has booked a hotel in a county outside of Ning City because it was the closest to the fortress.

There is no airport within the county.

The nearest landing point can only be in Ning City.

I will arrange for a car to be waiting by the airport to fetch you and Miss Shi to that county.”

Tong Chunian quickly did a search on his phone.

“From the airport in Ning City to the hotel in the county booked by the production team, it would take around one and a half hours to arrive by car.”

“Alright, just do that,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Yes.” Tong Chunian nodded.

“Then what about coming back When will you and Miss Shi come back”

“On Monday,” Han Zhuoling said.

Tong Chunian was surprised.

Han Zhuoling was actually not coming back overnight.

Was he not intending to come to work on Monday

“Whats the matter” Han Zhuoling looked up, seeing that Tong Chunian was still around and did not go out immediately to arrange the matter.

“Nothing, nothing.” Tong Chunian thought about it before asking, “Then for your schedule on Monday, do you want me to cancel everything”

“Lets talk about that after confirming the exact time we will return,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Okay.” After Tong Chunian was done speaking, he immediately went to make arrangements and communicate with the airport.

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