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Chapter 1737: Dont Have a Card

Lin Liye: “…”

She could only let Han Zhuoling back in and even urge him, “Then hurry up.

Dont let Xiaoya wait anxiously.”

Han Zhuoling took his car keys and luggage.

Once hed confirmed that his phone was in his pocket, he then said, “Dont worry.

Your daughter-in-law wont be able to run away.”

Lin Liye happily sent Han Zhuoling out of the house.

Han Zhuoling then drove to Shi Xiaoyas house.

But at the lift door, he was stopped.

He did not have a card, so he could not go up.

Han Zhuoling then recalled how, when Shi Nancang came, he went up directly by swiping a card, without any obstruction in his way.

Han Zhuoling felt a little moody and sighed deeply before he called Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya had prepared all the ingredients needed for breakfast.

Once Han Zhuoling came, she would be able to prepare breakfast.

At that moment, she received Han Zhuolings call.

“Young Master Ling,” Shi Xiaoya greeted.

Before she even saw him, she felt like her heart was already beating much faster.

“Im at the lift door, but I dont have a card, so I cant go up,” Han Zhuoling said on the phone.

“Oh, Ill come down to fetch you right now,” Shi Xiaoya immediately said.

“Hang on!”

After ending the call, she smacked her head.

How could she forget about this

Shi Xiaoya took her card and quickly went downstairs.

Han Zhuoling was waiting by the lift and thinking of how to ask Shi Xiaoya for a card.

He was a little too engrossed thinking about that until the lift sounded with a “dang” and slowly opened.

Shi Xiaoya appeared before him just like that.

She was clearly wearing casual clothes.

Loose white turtleneck sweater and a pair of light wash jeans.

As she came out in a rush, she did not even have time to change out of her shoes and just wore her slippers out.

This was a very casual getup, yet Han Zhuoling simply felt that she looked absolutely beautiful.

Her furry turtleneck was thick and big, covering a little bit of her chin and complementing her snow-white complexion.

“Young Master Ling,” Shi Xiaoya greeted.

“Sorry, I forgot you dont have a card.”

Han Zhuoling nodded and quickly walked into the lift.

He furrowed his brows and asked disapprovingly, “Why did you come out wearing so little”

Although Han Zhuoling felt that she looked absolutely stunning in this outfit, it was already winter now, so wearing so little out would not be warm enough for the cold.

Furthermore, she was wearing slippers that exposed her toes.

Her five, fair toes looked like primary school students lined up by height, hidden beneath her slippers, revealing only her pink toenails.

Winter shoes were thick so those toes could not be seen once she wore them.

It was only now that Han Zhuoling knew that her toenails were colored pink, and they looked really exquisite.

Looking at them made them seem like pink pearls lined up together.

Shi Xiaoya was not sure if Han Zhuoling was really looking at her feet.

But when she saw that he was gazing down, she subconsciously retracted her toes.

Han Zhuolings gaze darkened a little as he saw that half of those pearl-like toenails were now hidden beneath the slippers, leaving only half of them exposed, as if they were playing hide-and-seek with him.

Shi Xiaoya swallowed hard before saying, “I was only thinking that since wed be indoors and Im only heading out for a while, I did not need to put on a coat.”

“Then why are your feet exposed” Han Zhuoling frowned and said, “If your feet get too cold, it wont be good for your body.”

So that was why he was looking at her feet just now.

Shi Xiaoya thought this to herself.

“Theres air con at home, so its really warm, so I changed into these slippers that expose my toes.

I was rushing out, so I didnt bother changing out of them,” Shi Xiaoya explained.

“Im just waiting here.

Its nothing urgent, so why the rush” Han Zhuoling said helplessly.

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