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Chapter 1743: Pinned to the Top

In the photo, she was smiling really sweetly amid the vast white snow in the background.

Shi Xiaoya almost could not recognize herself.

Was she so good-looking normally

She flipped through each of the photos and realized that Han Zhuoling really took quite a lot of photos!

Did he not let go of the photo button at all He took so many, as if wanting to capture every frame of her.

But it was like what hed said.

All the photos looked really good.

Even just now when she was so close to him and had a photo of her taken right when she looked up, the photo still looked very nice.

“Can you send it to me on WeChat I would like to save the photos,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Of course,” Han Zhuoling said.

“You can send the ones you took of me over for me to have a look too.”

“Okay.” Shi Xiaoya was about to open his WeChat when she suddenly hesitated and asked, “Is it okay if I open your WeChat”

“Yeah,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I wont flip through your things casually,” Shi Xiaoya quickly promised.

Han Zhuoling chuckled.

“Theres not many things in there to begin with.

I dont have a lot of close friends on WeChat.

Theyre the same people as the ones on my Weibo, and we dont usually talk either.”

Shi Xiaoya opened it up and saw that indeed, his WeChat was really quite clean.

Unlike her, where there were all sorts of people in it.

From local buyer agents to fruit suppliers, to her colleagues and classmates.

It was multifarious.

As for Han Zhuoling, his chats were really with the same people in his Weibo following list.

Shi Xiaoya did not go and open his chats or chat groups with his friends on WeChat, and she was about to find her chat with him when she realized that her chat window was pinned to the top by him.

It was securely pinned in first place.

Han Zhuoling noticed her reaction and explained, “I usually contact you the most actually, so for greater convenience, I pinned your chat to the top.”

“Usually when I open WeChat, besides talking to you, the only other chat I talk in is the 8864 chat group.

The people in the chat are my good friends, and they are very active in the chat, so this WeChat chat group will always be at the top all the time.

But for you, sometimes I wont contact you for a certain period of time, and your chat window will slide down.

This makes it harder for me to find it, so I just pinned your chat to the top,” Han Zhuoling explained.

“But even then, the 8864 chat group has always maintained its no.

2 spot and never slid down before.”

It was evident how active the people in there were.

Shi Xiaoya glanced at it and noticed that it was true.

Han Zhuoling probably found them too distracting so he turned off the notifications for that group.

The 8864 chat group only had a small red dot on the top right corner to indicate that there were new messages in the chat.

Even if she did not click in, she could also see the timing of the latest message sent in, which was only just half an hour ago.

Shi Xiaoya did not dare to scroll and see other things, so she just tapped to open up her chat and send all the photos Han Zhuoling took to herself.

She could hear the notification ringtone chiming repeatedly from her phone.

Shi Xiaoya saved the photos one by one and then sent the photos she took of Han Zhuoling over to him.

When the notification tone chimed, Shi Xiaoya realized in surprise that Han Zhuoling actually did not turn off the notifications for her chat.

Did he not find the notification tone annoying this time

“I sent them all to you,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Han Zhuoling nodded.

“I will look at them slowly on the plane.”

Shi Xiaoya quickly said, “Actually, I didnt take a lot of photos.”

Han Zhuoling took so many for her, yet she only took a few for Han Zhuoling.

That sounded a little too much.

Han Zhuoling chuckled.

“Its fine.

Dont I also have your photos I didnt have time to look at them carefully after I took them to see how they turned out either.”

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