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Chapter 1755: Why Are You Everywhere

Tong Chunian, who was planning on interacting more with Shi Xiaoya by coming to this table, laughed and said, “Actually, it is related to you guys.

Lets say the show turns out well, gets high viewership ratings, and gets great attention from the audience, such as for a particular guest for example—you know most of the fans are females.”

“What are female fans watching for First, they would look at the face.

Of course, there may be exceptions, but lets not talk about that small minority who are different.” Tong Chunian explained, “When watching the show, they definitely cannot help but keep their eyes on their own idols face.

The show will also release stills of the guests on the show.

Besides looking at the faces of idols, female fans also like makeup.”

“This is especially so when they see a female guests makeup.

If they see something they like, they will go and ask for a similar look, then the makeup artist will naturally stand out as well.

It will be very beneficial for your work and reputation from now on,” Tong Chunian said.

“Oh, right, previously in a show, it was precisely because that female guests eyeshadow looked especially nice that netizens asked about it.

In the end, that eyeshadow immediately got so popular that the stocks of it ran out and even raised the prices sold by local buyer agents,” Hong Qiaoxian said.

“That makeup artists Weibo even gained many more followers from fans.”

“Yeah, this is the celebrity effect on products.” Tong Chunian nodded.

The Han Corporation was an entertainment company after all, so Tong Chunian was quite knowledgeable on these things.

“However, we only had male guests for the previous two episodes.

I wonder if the sixth guest for this episode would be male or female” Liu Enxiao said.

“Yeah, but Young Master Ling is around this time.

Xiaoya put on makeup for Young Master Ling before, so she will be paired with Young Master Ling again this time,” Duan Pingxian said.

Liu Enxiao smiled and said, “Xiaoya is already very famous.

Even with no female guests, it wouldnt be a problem for her.”

As they said that, the last celebrity finally strolled in slowly.

Shi Xiaoya took a look and saw that it was actually Jiang Yuhan.

She thought to herself that even if she was not fixed to be paired with Han Zhuoling, she would not go and do makeup for Jiang Yuhan either.

When Jiang Yuhan passed by their table, she also noticed that Shi Xiaoya was there.

Jiang Yuhan paused slightly for a moment, pursing her lips in utter annoyance as she sized up Shi Xiaoya with a sideways glance.

“Why are you everywhere”

After saying that, she went straight to Han Zhuolings table and immediately switched to a smiling face as she greeted sweetly, “Director Lu, Assistant Director Chi.”

When she turned to look at Han Zhuoling beside her, Jiang Yuhans face was filled with unconcealed surprise.

“Young Master Ling, I didnt expect you to be here too.

You came here to—”

Han Zhuoling coldly replied, “Participate in the show.”

“You are actually a guest for this episode” Jiang Yuhan said in surprise.

She then turned to Lu Dongliu and said, “Director Lu, how did you do it, to actually be able to invite Young Master Ling”

Lu Dongliu laughed dryly and did not answer her.

Previously, when they were filming Classic X Files, before Wang Juhuai appeared, Jiang Yuhan just kept trying to sow discord between Lu Man and the others.

Afterward, only after Wang Juhuai appeared did she behave more modestly.

Yet now, she could actually turn and forget how shed offended Lu Man in the past.

She acted as if nothing like that ever happened and was being so chummy with Han Zhuoling.

He really had to give it to her.

But it was true.

People in the entertainment industry all threw their faces to the ground and stepped on it beneath their feet.

Or else how could they climb up the ladder

Because of his relations with Lu Man, he did not want to look for Jiang Yuhan at first.

However, Jiang Yuhan somehow managed to get into the good books of the leader of the broadcasting station, who insisted on stuffing her into the show.

He had no choice either.

He could not possibly go and ask for the Han Corporations opinion just for a small matter like this.

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