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Chapter 1756: Definitely Will Not Entertain

Hence, Jiang Yuhan would appear in this episode.

Jiang Yuhan did not seem to mind Han Zhuolings aloofness and greeted the others.

There were two empty seats left on that table, which happened to be right between Han Zhuoling and Chi Xingrui.

Jiang Yuhan sat down beside Han Zhuoling without hesitation.

“Young Master Ling, which episodes have you been in before” Jiang Yuhan asked in a demure voice.

This voice sounded so coquettish, making the other men sitting at the table feel really sour about it.

“Aiyo,” Guo Yujie then said.

“This Jiang Yuhan, is she really not worried that other people can see through her true intentions Shes really so thick-skinned.”

“Aye!” Ling Xiaoen took a sip of tea and said, “You have been following Xiaoya for so long and should have seen many celebrities who are like this.

Dont you know how they are like As long as theres a chance, they will definitely not let it go.

It just depends on whether Young Master Ling wants to entertain her or not.”

Tong Chunian came along with Shi Xiaoya to sit with them, precisely because he wanted to help Han Zhuoling look after Shi Xiaoya.

If anything happened, he could react swiftly.

Look, didnt something just happen

“He definitely will not entertain,” Tong Chunian said.

“Oh” Shi Feng did not dare to say any more than that.

Tong Chunian was Han Zhuolings assistant.

It would not be good if he told Han Zhuoling about what he said.

But Shi Feng thought to himself that even though Jiang Yuhan was not a person of good character, her figure and looks were really goddess-like.

If she went to him on her own accord, could Han Zhuoling not want her

Not like Han Zhuoling was being asked to give Jiang Yuhan a proper status.

They were just seeking benefits from each other.

Jiang Yuhan wanted resources, which only required one word from Han Zhuoling.

He felt it a little unbelievable.

Could it be that Han Zhuoling had never done such a thing before

Given Han Zhuolings status, who knew how many female celebrities wanted to have a one night stand with him in exchange for some resources

What more those with greater ambition who were aiming to be his girlfriend or even become Madam Han

And Han Zhuoling was handsome as well.

Female celebrities whom he slept with could also be said to have slept with him and would all do so willingly.

To tell the truth, as a man, he deeply knew that when a woman throws herself willingly at a man, most men would not reject her.

They all held the “better than nothing” mentality.

So when he heard Tong Chunian say that, Shi Fengs face was filled with doubt.

Tong Chunian chuckled and said, “I have been Young Master Lings assistant for ten years now, so I usually arrange Young Master Lings work and daily life.

There were definitely situations where people wanted to use him to advance themselves, but Young Master Ling never bothered to entertain them.

If the other party dares to get close to him, he will bury that persons career afterward.”

Tong Chunian seemed to not mind them knowing about this.

“Our Young Master Ling has always been a clean and upright person.”

After Tong Chunian spoke, he secretly looked at Shi Xiaoya, but he could not read Shi Xiaoyas reaction no matter how he looked.

Shi Xiaoya turned to look at Han Zhuolings side.

She saw that Jiang Yuhan was still persistently trying to keep up a conversation with Han Zhuoling and still had a coquettish smile on her face.

Han Zhuoling had no expression on his face, and it was unclear if he was really listening to what Jiang Yuhan was saying.

Anyway, he had always been like that to everyone.

Jiang Yuhan was not bothered by Han Zhuolings aloofness at all and was being all chatty by herself.

As if Han Zhuoling was very willing to entertain her.

“Young Master Ling, I saw you at the National Film Academy previously.

A pity I still had some schedules afterward, so I didnt have time to talk to you for a while before I had to leave.” Jiang Yuhan cupped her cheeks as she gazed at Han Zhuoling amorously.

“We have fate on our side this time.

We are actually able to film for the same show.

Im still a newcomer in this show, so I would have to ask you to give me more guidance and take good care of me, Young Master Ling.”

Liu Chuanhui scoffed in his heart.

Jiang Yuhans amorous disposition was really such a distasteful sight.

She hated that she could not just lunge into Han Zhuolings arms in front of them.

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