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Chapter 1772: Never Expected It

Seeing that she did not speak, Sister Liu continued to persuade her by saying, “Thats why, come back first.

You can also seize this chance, wait until Han Zhuoling has cooled down.

After a few days, when hes not so angry, then you can think of a way to ask for his forgiveness.

Hes at the height of his rage right now, and the reason he kicked you out of the production crew was because he did not want to see you again.

If you still appear in front of his face, you will just be adding fuel to the fire.”

“After you come back, we can discuss what to do properly,” Sister Liu said.

“Okay.” Jiang Yuhan finally did not make a ruckus anymore.

After ending the call, she quickly packed her luggage.

She seized the chance early in the morning when there were still not a lot of people who would see her and quickly brought Xiao Ke to check out of their room and leave.


In the meeting room, Shi Xiaoya and the others quickly seized the time to have breakfast, and the guests also arrived.

This time, the production crew had already notified the guests in advance and sent breakfast early in the morning to their rooms.

It was not as rushed as the first episode.

Shi Xiaoya had dark eye circles under her eyes.

After she went to bed, she wondered how Han Zhuoling would handle Jiang Yuhans matter.

As she thought about it, she thought of the words Han Zhuoling had said to her before he left.

He let her think properly about how she was going to answer his question.

But he said quite a lot last night.

Which question did he want her to answer exactly

She did not even know which question he wanted her to answer.

And when she closed her eyes, the image of him nearly kissing her would surface in her mind.

At that time… he really wanted to kiss her, right

Could she… be thinking too much

She just kept thinking too much about this, which made her unable to have a good sleep.

When she saw Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya thought of all the things that she struggled to put at the back of her mind and isntantly did not dare to look at him.

“If every guest is ready, you can seize the time to put on makeup.

Lets shoot earlier so we can end earlier, then everyone can have a good rest,” Chi Xingrui said.

Han Zhuoling had already sat down.

Shi Xiaoya took her makeup box to go and put on makeup for Han Zhuoling.

Yet the moment she started applying foundation on him, she heard Han Zhuoling ask, “Have you thought of an answer to the question I asked you last night”

Shi Xiaoyas hand paused for a moment, then she nervously replied, “Actually, Young Master Ling, which question did you want me to give a reply to last night”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

“So, since you dont know which was the question I asked, you didnt even think about it” The corners of Han Zhuolings lips twitched a little.

He never expected to get such an answer.

“I thought about it,” Shi Xiaoya quickly explained.

“I first recalled the questions you asked me, but I ended up not being sure which question it was.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

He sighed and said, “Put on the makeup first.

We can talk about it after the filming, lest it affects your condition today.”

Shi Xiaoya even found it strange.

She would just be following by the side and did not need to be in a very good condition or anything.

But she still quickly put on Han Zhuolings makeup for him.

The others were not as fast as her because Han Zhuolings requests were really too simple.

He did not let her draw this or apply that, so she did not use a lot of things on him at all.

It was also because Han Zhuolings qualities were good to begin with.

He had good skin and did not have any flaws on his face.

Being on camera makes people look paler, and if not for that, he probably would not need much makeup to enhance his features.

Unlike Cao Jingcheng and Zhang Xiangyou.

Zhang Xiangyou was still at the stage where he relied on his looks for his career.

Although Cao Jingcheng was not really considered on that level, most of his fans were still fans of his looks.

But to tell the truth, both of them looked very different before and after makeup.

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