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Chapter 1776: Who Drew the Winning Lot

“Now, all our staff members are here,” Lu Dongliu said.

“Theres a box for drawing lots in front of you guys.

Everyone can pick a piece of paper from within.

The person who draws the slip of paper that has the word “guest” on it will be our sixth guest for this episode of the show.”

Everyone went according to the order they came out from and took a slip of paper from the box one by one.

Shi Xiaoya was the last person, so when it was her turn, there was only one slip of paper left in the box.

When Shi Xiaoya took it out, she probably did not think much of it.

It was either that the production team had already selected someone to participate or that it would really be based on luck.

But Shi Xiaoya felt that no matter which one it was, it would not be her turn.

She probably did not think that she would be the one on camera and participating in the show.

So she was in a very relaxed mood now.

As for the other people, besides the five makeup artists, the rest were all staff from the production crew, so they knew long ago that the production team had already decided on Shi Xiaoya.

The staff members did not have a good variety sense, so they did not think of making a name for themselves on the show either.

As for the six makeup artists, including Shi Xiaoya, be it in terms of fame or image, Shi Xiaoya was the best among them, and also the most suitable.

Lu Dongliu had gathered the production crew for a meeting late at night and already let them know of this beforehand.

However, the five makeup artists were not part of the production crew.

Lu Dongliu was not very sure about them, so hed decided to keep this a secret from them.

Hence, the other five people were still quite excited and hoped that they could be chosen.

Unlike the production staff, they really wanted to become famous.

Liu Enxiao was so nervous and excited that her palms started to sweat.

Although she did not dare to say it, she kept praying in her heart that she would pick the winning lot.

At that moment, Lu Dongliu said, “Now, everyone, please turn to the camera and open the slips of paper in your hands at the same time.”

Everyone opened their slips of paper.

Seeing the words “Thank You” written on the pieces of paper meant that they did not get chosen.

Liu Enxiao raised the paper to the camera for it to focus on in disappointment.

Shi Feng, Duan Pingxian, and the others did not get it either.

Shi Feng said regretfully, “I wonder who picked the winning lot.”

Hong Qiaoxian turned and saw Shi Xiaoyas slip of paper.

With just one glance, she could tell that the characters were different from theirs.

When she took a closer look, Hong Qiaoxian exclaimed “Ah!” The others attention turned to her when she exclaimed.

“Sister Xiaoya, its you!” Hong Qiaoxian said in surprise.

“You picked theGuest!”

Shi Xiaoya was dumbstruck.

She really totally did not expect herself to pick this.

She never thought of being a guest at all.

But now, everyones eyes all fell on her.

“Xiaoya got it” Lu Dongliu laughed and said, “Xiaoya, come up to the front and show the camera your slip of paper.”

Shi Xiaoya was still in a state of shock.

When she heard Lu Donglius words, she walked stiffly like a robot to the front.

Lu Dongliu held back his laughter.

Shi Xiaoyas natural reaction was way better than any kind of acting.

Seeing it from the cameras view, he thought the effect seemed pretty good.

If they add some captions and special effects during post-production, the right variety effect would be evoked.

Shi Xiaoya showed her slip of paper to the video camera.

Lu Dongliu said, “Its this one, this one.

You turned it to the wrong side.”

“…” Shi Xiaoya quickly turned to the direction Lu Dongliu was pointing to.

The people on the scene very kindly did not laugh out loud.

But behind Shi Xiaoya, there were still some people who could not hold back their laughter and chuckled secretly.

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