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Chapter 1778: So Sweet, So Indulgent

She nodded fervently, even forgetting that Han Zhuoling could not see it at all at this time.

Shi Xiaoya clutched his hand tightly.

As she was blindfolded, she did not see that when she clutched his hand tightly, Han Zhuoling smiled silently, and the corners of his lips curved up exceptionally charmingly.

Han Zhuoling only came to film for the show once.

Be it on the show, or normally when he attended some important events, it was very rare to see him smile.

But now, he was actually smiling so sweetly, so indulgently!

Lu Dongliu quickly signaled to the videographer brother to film Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya.

To focus on the two of them.

The videographer got the signal and filmed Han Zhuolings smile.

The videographer in charge of following Shi Xiaoya went to film their hands that were held together.

The lips of the man in black twitched a little.

Every guest was to leave individually.

Now that these two were holding hands, what was he supposed to do

Separate them forcefully

He didnt dare to either.

Han Zhuoling seemed to know what the man in black was thinking.

Although he was blindfolded, he still turned towards the man in black.

The man in black: “…”

Han Zhuoling clearly could not see him, but he was still so scary.

What should he do

Chi Xingrui secretly used his ear mic to contact the man in black.

“No need to separate them intentionally.”

The man in black finally heaved a sigh of relief.

At the hotel entrance, each guest was assigned to a car.

Shi Xiaoya did not want to break the rules, so she let go of Han Zhuolings hand of her own accord.

Han Zhuoling felt resigned.

Before their hands parted, he pinched her fingertips slightly before getting into the car.

Shi Xiaoyas face blushed, but her heart also felt really warm from this small act of his.

The warmth from his fingertips spread out from her fingertips, leaving a soothing and tingling sensation.

Despite them being completely separated now, Shi Xiaoya could still feel his lingering warmth and that soothing, tingling sensation on her fingertips.

She quietly clenched her hands into fists, hiding her fingertips within her palms, feeling the sensation secretly.

Every guest got into a car and was sent off individually.

Up until she got into the car, Shi Xiaoyas black blindfold had still not been taken off.

As she could not see, she did not know how much time had passed.

Just sitting there made it feel as if time passed especially slowly.

Finally, the car stopped, and Shi Xiaoya was escorted out.

She then heard the sound of a door opening and was sent in thereafter.

The door closed behind her.

There must be no more men in black beside her now since no one was holding on to her.

So Shi Xiaoya raised her hands and tried to take the black blindfolds off.

No one stopped her, so she knew that it was time for the game to officially start.

She took off the black blindfold and thought that she might need some time to get used to the light.

Who knew that what came into sight was a dark indoor place.

On both sides of the walls hung wall lamps that were designed to look like old kerosene lamps.

But in fact, for safety purposes, light bulbs were still used inside the lamps.

However, the wattage of the bulbs was extremely low, so the light they gave off was very similar to that of kerosene lamps.

Although a row of lamps hung on the walls, they only cast a faint glow.

The faint, yellow glow cast downwards from the walls, falling on the cement floor beneath her feet, making the atmosphere feel really scary.

Luckily, she still had a director and videographer by her side, or else she would have been scared to death.

Even then, Shi Xiaoyas heart was already pounding in fear.

This place seemed like an underground palace, with only a straight walkway in view.

Shi Xiaoya could only walk forward.

Thankfully, she had the experience of following alongside Han Zhuoling in the first episode, so she remembered that when Han Zhuoling reached a foreign place, he did not walk in front immediately but looked around his surroundings first.

This place was very narrow, with only a long corridor ahead.

At least to her left and right, she could see all there was to see right away.

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