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Chapter 1791: So Petty

Indeed, Han Zhuoling said, “I dont have an account.

Ill use Xiaoyas.”

“Sure.” Shi Xiaoya did not hesitate at all and immediately agreed.

“But my character is a girl though,” Shi Xiaoya said as she just remembered.

“It doesnt matter.” Han Zhuoling did not mind.

The exterior of the hotel was designed as an ancient castle, but the facilities in it were all modern.

The furniture and decorations were antique, but the gym, swimming pool, and video room were all fully-equipped.

Naturally, there would also be a gaming room.

The computers inside were pretty good and had the equipment for playing online games.

When they turned on the computers, some popular major online games were readily available and did not need to be downloaded.

“I happen to have a live-stream mission that I have yet to complete for this month,” Cheng He said.

“Can I live-stream this I wont film you guys on camera.”

“Im good.” Cao Jingcheng was very easygoing and said, “It doesnt matter even if you film us, we can help you draw more views too.”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, if the cameras were to show all the people who were present here, Cheng Hes live-stream might really just explode with popularity.

“Im fine too,” Zhang Xiangyou said.

“Young Master Ling” Cheng He asked for Han Zhuolings opinion.

“Its fine.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Ill go make some coffee for you guys,” Shi Xiaoya said while Cheng He was logging in to his live-stream.

“Than—” Cao Jingcheng was about to thank her when Han Zhuoling shot a look at him.

“…” Cao Jingcheng laughed awkwardly and said, “We can just ask the service crew to serve us some.”

Han Zhuoling said, “Im not used to drinking coffee from outside, so Ill have to trouble you to make one for me.”

“Sure.” Shi Xiaoya smiled and went to make the coffee.

Cao Jingcheng tsked and exchanged looks with Zhang Xiangyou.

They really did not expect Han Zhuoling to be so petty.

He did not even let them drink a cup of coffee that Shi Xiaoya made.

When he heard that Cheng He was going to lead them in a live-stream gaming session, Liu Chuanhui also came over to join in the fun.

Although he was not playing, he could watch from the side.

The people from the director team had nothing to do so they also came over and turned on the computer, clicking into the live-stream to watch.

“Why did Xiao He start a live-stream today Isnt he filming for Survivor” some of his fans asked.

“I am filming for Survivor.

We just finished the filming for today and have nothing to do now, so we started a live-stream,” Cheng He said.


Who are the guests for this episode” the fans asked curiously.

Cheng He looked at Lu Dongliu.

Lu Dongliu nodded at him, signaling that he didnt need to hide it.

There were quite a big number of fans in Cheng Hes live-stream.

Furthermore, during the publicity for the first episode, they had already revealed the biggest celebrity guest to be Han Zhuoling.

As for the other guests, there was no need to conceal their identities anymore.

And with such a famous celebrity guest like Cao Jingcheng present, if they revealed him earlier, it would help to boost their shows popularity and make the audience look forward to this episode even more.

Whats not to love

Although Cao Jingcheng said he did not mind, Cheng He did not want them to think that he was using them to boost his popularity either, so he did not turn the camera to film them.

He scratched his head and then said, “I am in the gaming room in the hotel, so I am using the hotels computer.

The live-stream might not be as high quality as when I am streaming with my team, so please bear with me, everyone.”

“Xiao He, youre not playing with the other guests Bring them along to play with you, okay!” some fans wrote.

“He brought us along.

Arent I here” Cao Jingcheng took the initiative to lean over and show his face, breaking into a big grin.

“Oh my…” The comments exploded.

“Its Cao Jingcheng, what the f*ck! Xiao He, you actually pulled Cao Jingcheng along to play with you! This is too much.

Dont hinder his acting career, let me tell you first!”

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