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Chapter 1803: Say Yes

Shi Xiaoyas legs really gave way.

Her knees bent and her whole body was about to collapse.

Luckily, Han Zhuoling reacted quickly as he had his eyes on her all this time.

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya was about to slide down, he quickly supported her.

His palms clasped her waist.

He saw how she had turned weak all over and looked really embarrassing.

But it was super cute.

Han Zhuoling could not help but laugh and said in a low voice, “Say yes.”

Shi Xiaoya was still in a daze and had not yet reacted.

She really did not expect that there would actually be a day when Han Zhuoling would confess to her.

Thinking about it now still felt unbelievable.

He was such a good man, yet he actually liked her.

He had always kept a distance from women and treated everyone else coldly.

Yet he actually took a liking to her.

Shi Xiaoya stared at him.

Han Zhuoling waited and waited, but he still did not hear a “yes” from her.

But he did not intend to let her reject him either.

From the moment he decided to say it out loud, he did not intend to give her a chance to reject him.

While Shi Xiaoya was in a daze, he suddenly lowered his head and kissed her lips.

The soft touch brought with it an electrifying sensation, lingering as a tingling sensation on her lips.

Shi Xiaoya gasped in shock and parted her lips subconsciously.

Han Zhuoling seized the chance to deepen the kiss.

He grabbed her waist and exerted a little more strength to hug her up, pressing her tightly against the door so that she was at eye level with him, kissing even harder and deeper.

His hands slowly shifted from the sides of her waist to the back of her waist, locking his hands on the curve of her back.

The figure of her back was concealed beneath her pajamas and did not look like her real figure.

But the moment he clasped his hands around her, he could immediately feel the curves of her seductive back.

It was exceptionally alluring.

Han Zhuolings hands trailed along her back irresistibly and pressed her even closer into his arms.

Their abdomens pressed against each other.

Unlike him, her abdomen is so soft, and every part of her body was just so soft.

With great difficulty, he parted slightly from her lips.

Shi Xiaoya had already been kissed dizzy, and her lips got even fuller and glossier.

Her lip color was nice to begin with, but now it was even tinged with tenderness and charm.

“Say yes.” Han Zhuolings hoarse voice mumbled those two words before he could not help himself and kissed her lips again.

This time, he did not kiss deeply.

He just kept raining light and faint kisses on her lips.

Shi Xiaoya felt her head heating up so much that it was about to explode.

The fresh scent of mint on his body enveloped her.

It was such that now, her lips, and even her mouth, was filled with his scent.

“If you dont say it, I will continue.” The moment Han Zhuoling said that, he continued raining kisses on her.

“Yes,” Shi Xiaoya quickly said the moment he slightly parted from her lips.

She finally said that word, and her heart was still racing like crazy.

She would feel really embarrassed even if she stood just a little closer to him first.

She would never have expected that there would be a time like today when she would be hugged by him and kissed by him like now.

He was clearly such an aloof man.

Whoever saw him would get nervous and not dare to get near him.

Yet now, he was hugging her, kissing her.

“Yes,” Han Zhuoling also said.

That voice was low and hoarse, with an alluring charm to it.

From his lips, it diffused into her mouth.

“Then next time—” Han Zhuoling hugged her in his arms, “Shi Xiaoya, you are my girlfriend, the person whom Im dating on the premise of marriage.”

Shi Xiaoya felt a little dumbstruck.

She became his girlfriend just like that

And he even considered such a faraway thing like marriage

Han Zhuolings lips curved up in a smile.

He stared right at her, not even shifting his gaze for a bit.

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