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Chapter 1814: Very Aggrieved

Everyone was chatting along when suddenly, the rest of them all looked towards Shi Xiaoyas back with a shocked face and even a hint of nervousness.

Shi Xiaoya was beginning to feel weird when Hong Qiaoxian said, “Why is Young Master Ling walking over towards us”

“Xiaoya, is he coming to look for you” Duan Pingxian asked first, smiling.

Shi Xiaoya turned around in surprise and saw Han Zhuoling walking straight towards her.

He seemed to have just come and had not even had breakfast yet but was heading straight to find her.

The other guests had already arrived and were staring in their direction, smiling, before they went to get their breakfast.

She wondered if Han Zhuoling came in with the other guests.

They really only just separated earlier on, but seeing Han Zhuoling now made Shi Xiaoya suddenly feel nervous and at a loss for what to do.

In front of everyone, she felt at a loss at how she should interact with Han Zhuoling.

In the end, she saw that Han Zhuoling had already walked over and placed his hand very naturally on the back of her chair.

This series of movements no longer seemed strange to the other guests and many of the staff.

When they were playing PUBG yesterday, Han Zhuoling already pulled this move, so everyone had already been shocked once.

Now, they were very used to it.

But yesterday, the other five makeup artists were not around, so it was still their first time seeing it.

All of them were stunned on the spot.

“Why did you come down by yourself without waiting for me” Han Zhuoling frowned, feeling very aggrieved.

He even wanted to have breakfast together with her.

Yet the moment he went to press her doorbell, she was no longer there.

“I came down earlier to eat, so theres more time to get to work later, thats why I didnt call you.” Shi Xiaoya followed Han Zhuolings attitude and became more natural with him.

She was also not afraid of other people knowing about her relationship with Han Zhuoling.

Anyway, Han Zhuoling did not mind other people knowing, so she need not worry either.

So she just interacted with him naturally.

Han Zhuoling looked at her plate.

Shi Xiaoya immediately picked it up and said, “Then, shall I eat with you”

Han Zhuolings face instantly lit up happily.

Compared to his look now, he looked very aggrieved just then.

Shi Xiaoya picked up her plate guiltily and went to a table far away from other people to sit with Han Zhuoling.

“This is my first time falling in love.

I dont have much experience, and I dont know how to interact,” Shi Xiaoya said guiltily.

“Next time, I will always call you and wont act on my own anymore.”

Having been single for a long time, she already got used to doing things alone.

Hence, she did not know whether she should have called Han Zhuoling to come along with her or not this morning.

Han Zhuoling chuckled and nodded.


“I havent finished eating, so I wont go and take more food.

You go ahead, Ill wait for you,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling then went to get breakfast.

As the whole hotel had been booked, there were only the people from the production team and the cast in the restaurant, so there were not a lot of people.

Hence, no matter where Han Zhuoling was, he could be clearly seen.

Shi Xiaoya could not help but follow Han Zhuoling with her gaze.

Wherever Han Zhuoling was, her gaze followed him along.

She did not even realize this herself.

When Han Zhuoling got his breakfast and started walking back, he happened to see Shi Xiaoya not even eating and just staring at him.

Han Zhuoling felt that he seemed to have been poisoned by a drug called Shi Xiaoya.

The moment he saw Shi Xiaoya, he would subconsciously feel happy and want to smile.

He no longer had that cold, arrogant look on him.

When Liu Enxiao and the rest saw that, they all could not believe their eyes.

“Say, what exactly is going on between Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling” Liu Enxiao asked in a low voice.

“Previously, I already felt that Han Zhuoling treated her differently and had been helping her all the way.”

When the men in black put the blindfolds on the guests and led them out, Han Zhuoling was worried that she would be afraid, so he kept holding on to her hand and did not let go.

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