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Chapter 1820: Its Not Your Style

Good job, Xiaoya!

If she hadnt asked, the audience would think that the production team had revealed the problems to Han Zhuoling beforehand.

This Han Zhuoling was really too much as well.

How was he so alert

The female director could not take it lying down.

She did not believe that for the whole season, there would not be a problem that could make Han Zhuoling fumble.

When Lu Dongliu revealed the fact that Han Zhuoling got an item as the prize, it was actually also a last-minute decision.

Their original script did not have this segment, but the director could more or less understand Lu Donglius thinking.

Han Zhuoling was really too awesome.

There was no problem that could make him fumble.

Lu Dongliu also could not take it lying down, and he really wanted to see Han Zhuoling fumble.

Hence, Lu Dongliu came up with such an idea at the last minute, to increase the difficulty level for Han Zhuoling.

Actually, it was not entirely for achieving the variety show effect.

After Shi Xiaoya asked this, it became much more natural to clear things up.

“Its to prepare just in case.” Han Zhuoling gave a faint smile and said, “Im used to leaving a back-up plan for myself in whatever I do.”

Both of them walked around in the ancient city and indeed found a woodenware shop there.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya went in together and saw Zhang Xiangyou, Cao Jingcheng, Cheng He, and Liu Chuanhui all there.

Shi Xiaoya really did not expect that the six of them would have gathered together so quickly.

She thought that they would at most meet one or two people.

She did not expect their luck to be so bad.

“Young Master Ling, we have been waiting for you,” Cao Jingcheng said, laughing.

Han Zhuoling smiled as he asked, “You guys formed an alliance”


To snatch the prize item from you, we formed a temporary alliance,” Cao Jingcheng said.

Han Zhuoling pulled Shi Xiaoyas hand, looking as if he was about to run.

Zhang Xiangyou and Cheng He reacted quickly to block the entrance to the shop.

“Young Master Ling, if you dont hand over the prize item today, we wont let you two walk out of this door,” Liu Chuanhui said.

“I dont mind handing it over,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Young Master Ling, why would you give it to us so readily without resisting at all This doesnt seem like you,” Cao Jingcheng said suspiciously.

“Its one to four.

The odds are against us, so I dont intend to waste the effort for that,” Han Zhuoling said calmly.

“And, even without this prize item, I also have the confidence that I can win.

Even if we cant win in the end, it doesnt matter either.

I am not too concerned about winning this game.”

Han Zhuolings intention was very clear.

He just came here to show his face and was totally not thinking of using this show to grab attention.

Winning or losing to him did not matter, so he did not care about the item at all.

Liu Chuanhui stroked his chin and said, “You might not care about winning or losing the game, but not putting up a fight during the process is not your style.”

And saying that Han Zhuoling did not care about winning

He did not believe it.

Han Zhuoling was such a competitive person!

He might not care about this show, but he probably would not hope for himself to lose.

After all, Han Zhuolings personality was too arrogant.

“My competitiveness applies to doing business.

As for here—” Han Zhuoling laughed.

“I just came here to show my face.

Theres no need to try so hard.”

Director: “…”

They definitely need to cut this out.


Randomly saying some big truth!

“But I also have a question,” Han Zhuoling said.

“I only have one prize item, but theres four of you.

How are you going to split it”

Cao Jingcheng said, “The four of us discussed already.

To ensure that everything is fair, we will destroy the item after we get it.

In this way, no one can use it, and everyone will start out on the same footing.”

“Thats not bad.” Han Zhuoling nodded.

“Then Ill just take it as if theres no prize item.

We can all start over again and compete on equal footing.”

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