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Chapter 1842: Did I Scare You

“Youre an adult now, and this is not the ancient times.

Sometimes, you cant just stop when the situation arises.

There are always accidents, so you must be fully prepared.”

“Also, make him wear it when he can.

Taking pills isnt good for the female body.

If he dares to only care about himself and make you take the pill, break up with him immediately.

You shouldnt want such guys,” Shi Nancang said.

“Stop speaking, Brother.” Shi Xiaoya quickly covered her ears.

“Hey, Im talking serious stuff here.” Shi Nancang pulled her hands down.

“I know!” Shi Xiaoyas face was burning.

“Its for your own good, dont be a fool!” Shi Nancang was resigned.

“I understand,” Shi Xiaoya said uncomfortably.

Shi Nancang shook his head and sighed.

This foolish girl, how can he not worry about her


The car finally arrived at Shi Xiaoyas building.

Its true that its safer here because her elevator opened right into her house.

Still, Shi Nancang sent her all the way to her apartment.

“Alright, youre tired from following the crew these last few days.

I wont bother you anymore, so go and rest up,” Shi Nancang said.

“Okay.” Shi Xiaoya stood by the door and watched Shi Nancang enter the elevator.

She yawned, truly exhausted.

She was about to bathe before she remembered that she hadnt reported to Han Zhuoling.

So she sent him a WeChat message.

“Ive reached home.”

She then went to the bathroom with her phone.

She decided to have a soak while waiting for his reply.

He might not yet be home now, or he might be driving and had yet to see the text.

This was a novel feeling, because this was her first relationship.

And its the first time she was expected to tell him whatever she did.

Returning home wasnt about her stepping into her house anymore, it was also about telling the other party about it.

Someone was thinking about it; someones inbox was waiting for it.

Even if she was home alone, she wasnt lonely.

Even if he wasnt in front of her, she knew that he was with her somewhere far away.

Shi Xiaoya smiled subconsciously.

She adjusted the temperature, filled the tub, and dumped a packet of hot spring bath powder taken from the wardrobe in it.

The steaming water gave off a whiff of sulfur belonging to the hot springs, and her exhaustion evaporated with it.

She was so comfortable, she almost fell asleep in the tub.

She still did not receive Han Zhuolings reply after her bath.

But she did not let her imagination run wild.

Not bothered by it, she applied her lotion and removed a silk sleeping robe from the bathroom wardrobe.

When it was first designed, she made the designer include a wardrobe in the bathroom so that she could retrieve her items after her bath.

Because she was home alone, she didnt wear any undergarments underneath the robe, merely tying it around the waist.

Upon blow-drying her hair, Shi Xiaoya decided to put on a thick layer of overnight mask and head to bed.

Yet the moment she opened the bathroom door, she bumped into a wall of muscle.

Shi Xiaoya jumped in fright.

No matter who bumped into someone barging into their home immediately after a bath, they would all suffer a terrible fright.

Shi Xiaoya was about to scream in panic when she smelled a familiar scent.

“Its me, did I scare you” Han Zhuolings voice rang by her ear.

Shi Xiaoya recalled that he had her house card.

“You scared me.” Shi Xiaoya was truly frightened for a moment there.

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