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She was still deeply shaken now, thinking that a burglar had broken into her home.

She smacked him in irritation.

“Werent you headed home”

No wonder he never replied to her; he was apparently on his way here.

“I didnt feel secure, never saying goodbye to you properly before I left,” Han Zhuoling said softly.

Shi Xiaoya exclaimed in surprise.

“What We clearly did.”

Han Zhuolings lips twitched.

“I meant like this.”

With that, he grabbed Shi Xiaoyas waist and pulled her flush against him.

He then pressed her against the bathroom door.

Shi Xiaoya could only stand on tiptoes as she was being pulled upwards.

In the end, even her toes couldnt touch the floor.

With his arms wrapped under her legs, she could only support herself using his waist.

She was like a koala, hanging onto him with her arms and legs.

Yet Han Zhuoling already pressed forward, forcing her against the door.

The heat from his palms supporting her burned through her robes and onto her skin.

Because there was a heater in the house, it was very warm.

Shi Xiaoya was only wearing her soft and thin silk robe, and it was like a second layer of skin.

It stuck gently to her skin and blocked nothing.

It was as if the searing heat of Han Zhuolings palms was directly on her, making her shiver.

Clinging onto his powerful waist, Shi Xiaoya held tightly onto his shoulders.

Han Zhuolings chest was squashed against hers, and feeling that she wore nothing else underneath the robe, he felt a heat spread from his head to his toes.

Shi Xiaoya felt his growing response and shrunk further into herself nervously, her toes curling.

The kiss got heavier and increasingly more aggressive.

She sensed Han Zhuolings scorching breaths on her nose and lips intermingling with hers.

He held her with one arm, the other creeping somewhat shakily towards her robes opening and pinching it slightly.

Han Zhuolings breathing got heavier; he had never been this nervous before.

Holding the robe, he was about to pull it open.

Shi Xiaoya made no movement to stop him.

She could not speak at all, as if her mind was in a daze after all that heat.

Her mind was completely blank.

She could only follow him and be bent according to his will.

And also… she didnt want to stop.

She wanted to go with the flow.

The robe was opened slightly, revealing her pretty shoulders almost glowing in their whiteness.

Her dark blue robes further brought out the paleness of her skin, just like milk.

Even Han Zhuoling wanted to ask if shed just bathed in milk.

His fingertips traced her shoulder, slowly sliding towards her chest.

The smoother her skin was, the more it accentuated the roughness of his fingertips, bringing little electric currents to her skin.

Shi Xiaoya forgot to breathe in her nervousness.

“Xiaoya!” Suddenly, Shi Nancangs voice rang out.

Shi Xiaoya froze, hurriedly pushed Han Zhuoling away, and dared not speak.

Why did Shi Nancang return

Wasnt he gone


Shi Xiaoya was severely tempted to ask Shi Nancang to return his card, or else if she and Han Zhuoling were together in the future…

How awkward it would be if Shi Nancang barged in!

Any heat had died away by now.

Shi Xiaoya didnt care about her shyness stemming from her half-dressed state.

She hugged Han Zhuoling tightly, whispering, “W-what do we do”

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