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Chapter 1844: How Troublesome

Han Zhuoling was frustrated too.

He was nearly in pain for bearing it for so long.

He never expected things to progress this fast, but things just happened.

He merely wanted to spend time with Shi Xiaoya alone, yet Shi Nancang unexpectedly called Shi Xiaoya away for a meal.

Fine, he could bear with that.

Couldnt he come after Shi Nancang had left

But in the end, Shi Nancang disrupted things again.

Han Zhuoling gritted his teeth, his whole person tensed and uncomfortable.

He inhaled deeply and opened the bathroom door, carrying Shi Xiaoya in.

He placed her on the basin counter and retreated, his eyes training hard on Shi Xiaoya.

She had not tidied her robes, and her shoulder was still showing, glaringly white.

A hint of the valley below was also revealed.

The sheer silk robe couldnt hide her delicious curves at all.

Her long and fair legs were uncovered by the garment.

Yet Shi Xiaoya had no idea of these at all.

She looked innocently at Han Zhuoling with a panic in her eyes that moved him.

She was also flushed alluringly red.

Han Zhuoling did not wish to leave the bathroom.

With Shi Xiaoya like this, he only wanted to chase Shi Nancang out!

Her clueless, panicky, yet innocent image was challenging his limits.

All he wanted to do now was to squash her into his embrace tightly and never let go.

Han Zhuolings whole figure was stiff.

Taking a deep breath, he straightened Shi Xiaoyas robe and bent to give her a peck.

Shi Nancang called from outside once more.

“Xiaoya, Ive forgotten my phone here so I couldnt call you.

Are you asleep”

Han Zhuoling grumbled to himself, how troublesome Shi Nancang was!

Shi Xiaoya quickly pushed him.

Han Zhuoling gave her a reassuring look and left.

With Han Zhuoling around, Shi Xiaoya was especially assured no matter what happens.

After Han Zhuoling left, Shi Xiaoya slowly calmed down and realized how untidy her garment was.

And this after Han Zhuoling had already straightened it.

Which meant that before Han Zhuoling tidied it, it looked outrageous.

She instantly felt too embarrassed to exit the room.

Things simply happened too naturally just now.

If Shi Nancang hadnt come, she couldnt guess how far things would have gone.

Shi Xiaoya blushed from the top of her head all the way to her toes.

She could still feel Han Zhuolings heat from his palms on her.

Every inch of her was calling out with memories.

Shi Xiaoya hurriedly took out her undergarments from the wardrobe.

Fortunately, there was normal house wear in it, and Shi Xiaoya quickly changed out of her silk robe.

Otherwise, Shi Nancang would know what went on just now if he saw her wearing that.

She then hurried out of the bathroom after changing.

And saw Shi Nancang and Han Zhuoling having a “faceoff.”

“Brother,” Shi Xiaoya called out.

Shi Nancang looked at Shi Xiaoya, then looked at Han Zhuoling, reacting instantly.

“Why did you two come out from the same room”

Seeing Shi Xiaoyas redness clearly explained that Han Zhuoling had taken advantage of her just now.

If he hadnt turned back to retrieve his phone, he wouldnt have known that Han Zhuoling was cunning enough to wait for his departure before seeking Shi Xiaoya out again!

True, he did tell Shi Xiaoya that he wouldnt interfere with her relationship with Han Zhuoling.

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