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Chapter 1847: Awesome

“Aiyo, you even met her family” Lin Liye could not be bothered about watching her drama now and grabbed Han Zhuoling along as she walked to the living room and said, “Come, come, tell me more about it.”

“Not really.

I just ate dinner together with Xiaoyas older brother tonight.

You guys saw her brother before that day at Sheng Yue,” Han Zhuoling said.

Lin Liye nodded.

“I saw him once.

He looks like a fine young man, neither obsequious nor supercilious.

The Shi familys values and upbringing are pretty good.”

After all, on that day, so many of their Han Family members were present.

If it was someone else, he might be overly friendly towards them, overly polite, and might even be overly sycophantic towards them.

But Shi Nancang just treated them appropriately, like how he would treat his elders normally.

He did not try to ingratiate himself with them.

It really boosted points for Shi Xiaoya.

Both siblings were like that, much less their parents.

“Her older brother especially dotes on her, so we decided to meet her older brother first.

We plan to go to the Shi residence to visit her parents this Saturday,” Han Zhuoling explained.

“Not bad, not bad.” Lin Liye nodded continuously.

“Then is her brother pleased with you”

“Of course, he felt reluctant to give away his younger sister,” Han Zhuoling said.

He would not dare to say he was not pleased, lest it made Lin Liye unhappy.

Lin Liye nodded.

“That is for sure.

He dotes on Xiaoya so much, its only natural.”

After Lin Liye said that, she became energized and said, “When did you and Xiaoya confirm your relationship”

Lin Liye smacked him.

“Young brat, you even hid it from me!”

“I didnt hide it from you,” Han Zhuoling said helplessly.

“It was during these two days when we were filming.

I only confessed to her the day before.”


You initiated it” Lin Liye was over the moon.

The day actually came when Han Zhuoling was so proactive.

It was really too surprising.

She thought that, even if Han Zhuoling discovered that his feelings towards Shi Xiaoya were different from that towards other people, he would not confess or do similar things along those lines so soon.

That was why she was anxious.

Yet she did not expect that Han Zhuoling would actually be so awesome this time.

Looks like he really liked Shi Xiaoya a lot, or else he would not have acted so quickly.

But at the same time, Lin Liye was also sure of it now.

The moment Han Zhuoling met the person he liked, he would definitely strike first and seize the chance to act quickly.

They had really delayed too much of his time previously and made him suffer.

They almost made him miss the person he liked for the rest of his life.

Thankfully… thankfully…

That Han Zhuoling was single now.

Thankfully, he still had a chance, ultimately, to be able to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loved.

“Mom, Ill go and wash up first,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Okay, okay, okay,” Lin Liye said hurriedly.

“When youre done washing up, rest earlier.

You can tell me more about you and Xiaoya in detail when youre free.”

Han Zhuoling smiled and nodded before returning to his room.

Lin Liye could no longer hold back the excitement she felt and quickly gave Old Mrs.

Han a call.

“Mom, were you asleep” Lin Liye asked.

“No, I am watching a drama right now.” Old Mrs.

Han pressed the pause button.

She was watching it together with Old Mr.

Han, who got hooked on it as well.

But she was talking on the phone now and could not concentrate on watching, so Old Mrs.

Han did not let Old Mr.

Han watch it by himself.

Old Mr.

Han felt really anxious, but he could only wait.

“Speaking of it, which episode have you watched up until” Old Mrs.

Han asked.

“Im only at episode 23,” Lin Liye replied.

“Oh, dear.

Thats still too early.

There are 25 more episodes,” Old Mrs.

Han said happily.

“I really envy you.

You can watch so many episodes in one go, but I can only chase the episodes day by day.

Oh, right, which part have you watched up to in episode 23 Let me tell you, that—”

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