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Chapter 1856: She Couldnt Understand His Tricks

He kissed deeply and heavily, and Shi Xiaoya couldnt help bending backward.

She was fortunately flexible.

But the more she retreated, the more Han Zhuoling pressed forward.

How could Han Zhuoling not notice her movements

There was only one notion floating in his mind currently—a petite and soft body is easily pushed over.

That referred to Shi Xiaoya herself.

The lips pressing against hers quirked up a fraction.

Protecting her, he pushed her against the wardrobe.

He was careful to not use much force so as to not hurt her.

His palm covered her back to help reduce the pressure.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya did not feel the pain even when she was suddenly pushed against the wardrobe.

And his palm ultimately was pressed snug against her back because of this.

The heat from his palm seared through her clothes onto her skin.

Shi Xiaoyas bed was clearly behind him, but Han Zhuoling didnt dare push her towards her bed.

He feared that that would be beyond his limits.

He couldnt trust himself to hold back when facing Shi Xiaoya.

His hands slid down to her waist, hoisting her up for easier access to her lips.

Shi Xiaoyas hands were hence freed, and she then hugged his neck.

She was breathless after a short while.

Not only was it from the kiss, but also because she held her breath.

Her face was completely red.

Han Zhuoling finally let her go and, seeing how badly Shi Xiaoya was in need of air, he laughed helplessly.


Shi Xiaoya obeyed and started gulping in air.

She had apparently forgotten how to breathe just now.

His lips were tightly interlocked with hers, and even her mouth was completely filled by him.

Its as if breathing through the nose was impossible.

Han Zhuoling suddenly hoisted her higher.

In her shock, she scrambled to clutch at his shoulders.

Now Shi Xiaoyas towering over him.

It was a novel angle facing Han Zhuoling this way.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt help chuckling.

Han Zhuoling snickered lightly too and rested his head on her shoulder.

Because she was carried high, Han Zhuolings forehead nestled comfortably on her shoulder, without him needing to bend at the waist or lower his head.

Han Zhuoling merely puckered his lips to peck at her collarbone.

Shi Xiaoya was flushed over—Han Zhuoling was unexpectedly carnivorous.

Han Zhuoling suddenly raised his head to look at her.

He was breathing extremely heavily and his eyes were red-rimmed.

All the air he released landed on her lips.

He usually appeared so stiff and forbearing, yet he was all sexy and seductive now.

He was emitting all the heavy male pheromones now, making her the one wanting to eat the other party.

Shi Xiaoya stared at him and swallowed subconsciously.

He was so temptingly delicious right now.

Yet Han Zhuoling chose this moment to release her.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She couldnt understand his tricks!

“Dont dare to go on,” Han Zhuoling said, “lest I lose control.”

He lowered his head and gently rested against her forehead.

“Dont want to be so hasty, or Ill scare you off.”

So he could only endure it by himself.

Shi Xiaoya went scarlet at his words, feeling like she would spontaneously combust.

“You…” Shi Xiaoya fidgeted with his buttons.

“I didnt know youre so…”

Shi Xiaoya didnt know how to put it into words, so she was pinching his buttons mindlessly.

“What did you do last time Bear with it”

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