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Chapter 1857: Just Say If You Dont Wish Me to Stop

Though her words were veiled, Han Zhuoling understood perfectly.

The young lady was surprised by his passion, not expecting his enthusiasm when it came to such matters.

“I usually dont have these urges,” Han Zhuoling explained with a smile.

“It only happens when I see you.

Otherwise, I wont have such troubles no matter whether Im facing others or when Im alone.”

Shi Xiaoya looked at him in surprise.

He didnt have such needs and desires usually

No wonder there were speculations that he was asexual.

“I used to work round the clock, only sleeping for four to five hours a day.

Every spare second, I used for resting, so that I could have the best sleep quality possible.

I couldnt wait for more time to rest.

Whered I have the energy and time to think of these” Han Zhuoling laughed lightly.

“Whats more, I wasnt interested in others.”

“And then I met you.

Even when I was worn out from work, I couldnt help myself when it comes to you.

I then realized that it had nothing to do with my exhaustion, only that there wasnt someone appealing enough for me.”

Hearing his words, Shi Xiaoya almost had an illusion that she was the foremost beauty in the world.

Only she could attract him when no one else could.

“Remember when we were filming the first episode of Survivor and you approached me before day broke, leading to our misunderstanding” Han Zhuoling asked softly.

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

How could she forget

She only got closer to Han Zhuoling because of that misunderstanding.

Without that misunderstanding, she and Han Zhuoling probably wouldnt have progressed this fast.

Or, perhaps, theyd have maintained a cordial, polite, and distant working relationship.

He wouldnt have carved her into his heart.

Because of that misunderstanding, Han Zhuoling became hung up and insistent on getting her forgiveness.

Her distance and non-forgiveness made him remember.

Causing him to have a deeper impression of her.

It was pure coincidence.

Shi Xiaoya nodded, and Han Zhuoling said, “That day, I already had a reaction when I held you in the tent.”

Shi Xiaoya couldnt believe her ears.

He… he actually…

“I thought you detested me then.”

“I dont know why either, but when I was above you, Id have kissed you had you not pushed me away,” Han Zhuoling continued.

Hence, it wasnt the misunderstanding that had made her stay in his heart.

He already had feelings for her even before that.

“That was the first time Id had such feelings.” Han Zhuoling lowered his head, pecking her lips.

“So, only you can make me like this.

I wont feel anything without you around.

Wait, actually, thats not exactly the case.”

“When I was bathing yesterday, I thought of you, so I…”

Shi Xiaoya quickly covered his mouth.

Han Zhuoling grinned and removed her hand.

“Anyway, it used to be fine if I didnt see you or think of you.

But both seem hard for me now.”

“When I cant see you, when youre not around me, I cant help but think of you,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Too difficult.”

Shi Xiaoyas grip tightened subconsciously.

Han Zhuoling felt it and lowered his head to see, amused.

“Ive stopped, but if you dont want me to, just say it.” Han Zhuoling chuckled.

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