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Chapter 1869: Cannot Help but Feel Proud

What did she mean by finally found a boyfriend

She made it sound as if it was so difficult for their Xiaoya to find a boyfriend.

“Haha, our Xiaoya is completely focused on her career right now,” Du Yiqin said.

Hah, who didnt know that Mrs.

Zheng had a son and a daughter But her son was hedonistic.

And other than her son being the classic second-generation rich kid, even her daughter frequented clubs every day and would not listen to her no matter what she said.

Both of her children were good-for-nothings.

Their old Zheng family still had a family business to pass on to their children.

Given how her son and daughter behaved, they might just ruin the family business eventually.

Their Shi family also had a son and a daughter, but the situation was very different.

Shi Nancang was outstanding and motivated.

Even the friends he made were very reliable people.

Needless to say, in Shi Xiaoyas case, she was now one of the most outstanding makeup artists in the country.

Her two children both had their own careers and were busy with proper affairs every day.

How would they have the time to go to those entertainment venues

Hence, at this moment, Mrs.

Zheng became the one with a forced smile.

“Thats why, she did not have much time to meet someone from the opposite sex.

Anyway, her work usually involves interacting with people in the entertainment industry more often.

Not that I am prejudiced against people in the entertainment industry, just that the entertainment industry is a colorful world.

Our Xiaoya is a pure person, so I wont be assured if she finds someone from the entertainment industry,” Du Yiqin said.

“Anyway, Xiaoya is still young, so we dont rush her either.”

“But who knew that the more laidback and unhurried that child is, the more fate had to choose her Her boyfriend is the one who kept wooing her, and he wooed her for a long time before they finally got together.” Du Yiqin smiled exceptionally proudly as she said, “Today, its her first time bringing him back for us to meet.

Everyone in our family is very pleased and happy.

Her boyfriend, not that I want to exaggerate, is a very outstanding person.”

The more Du Yiqin said, the more she could not hide the happiness and pride on her face.

“I can even dare to say that there are very few men who are more outstanding than him,” Du Yiqin said.

“This also shows that our Xiaoya is very outstanding too.

Or else, why would someone so outstanding like her”

The moment Du Yiqin thought of Han Zhuoling, she could not help but want to feel proud.

What a great son-in-law!


Zheng gave her a patronizing smile.

She did not really believe it in her heart.

How could it be so exaggerated

It was possible that the person was decent, but to say that there were few people who would be more outstanding than him, that would be too much of an exaggeration.

Did she really think the eight great families were there for nothing

No, if she brought up the eight great families, she would be thinking too highly of Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend.


Shi, you said so much, but you didnt say who exactly Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend is, right” Mrs.

Zheng smiled and said, “Although even if you say it, I might not know—”

Du Yiqin said, “You actually know him.”

“Oh” Mrs.

Zheng was shocked.

They were all in the same circle.

Even if she was not familiar with the person, she had also heard of many names before.

But Mrs.

Zheng had never been interested in those all along.

It was mainly because her own children were not competent.

Why would she go and learn more about those competent children from other families

As for competent young people, Mrs.

Zheng only knew a limited few who were so famous that wherever she went, people would talk about them.

There was no way she would not know even if she did not want to know.

But those people were mostly from the eight great families.

She did not think that Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend would be one of them.

The names that Mrs.

Zheng had heard of were categorized into two groups of people.

The first group consisted of the extremely outstanding ones, but she did not believe any of them would be Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend.

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