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Chapter 1877: Try a Different Way

“After drinking the soup, you should go and wash up properly so that you can sleep more comfortably,” Shi Xiaoya said.

It was just perfect that the things Han Zhuoling had brought to Survivor previously were all left here.

So now, he had everything ready, and they were things he normally used, so she did not need to especially prepare anything more.

After Han Zhuoling drank the soup, he went to take a shower.

After sleeping from the afternoon on, he was really awake now and did not feel sleepy.

Shi Xiaoya also went to the other washroom and took a quick shower to wash up.

That afternoon, hed suddenly pulled her along to sleep beside him, so she did not even have time to wash up.

When Shi Xiaoya was done, she hesitated before going back to the bedroom bashfully.

She felt a little regretful.

Why, when designing the house, did she not think of setting aside a guest room

She cheered herself on and returned to the bedroom.

There, she saw that Han Zhuoling was already lying on the bed.

Shi Xiaoya walked over to the other side of the bed, then pulled up the covers to cover herself.

Seeing that she was so nervous that her actions became stiff, Han Zhuoling pulled her into his arms and said, “You remember you still have to go to the family home with me tomorrow, right”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

Tomorrow would not be considered her first time meeting the Han Family elders, but it would be the first time she was going to meet them as Han Zhuolings girlfriend.

In the past, the Han Family elders were simply like normal elders from big families to her, so to be honest, they were not really related to her.

But now, they became her boyfriends family elders, and it was even more likely that they would become her family elders in the future too.

On top of sleeping for the whole afternoon, Shi Xiaoya felt so nervous now that she could not fall asleep.

When they ate together previously, she clearly had not been so nervous.

“You want to go and see them with a pair of dark eye circles” Han Zhuoling asked her in amusement.

Shi Xiaoya nudged around in his arms and said, “I slept too much in the afternoon, and Im a little nervous.”

“Its all because of you, you insisted on dragging me to sleep,” Shi Xiaoya complained.

“If you cant sleep, then why dont we try a different way of sleeping” Han Zhuoling hovered atop her in a flash as he continued saying, “If you expend some energy, it can increase the quality of your sleep.”

Shi Xiaoya understood what he meant immediately.

She never expected that Han Zhuoling even knew how to say such euphemistic things now.

Shi Xiaoya did not know where she came up with the idea.

If it was in the past, she would have surrendered and turned timid long ago.

But at this moment, she actually hugged Han Zhuoling around the neck and turned to press Han Zhuoling down.

It was also because Han Zhuoling was caught off guard and did not use force that he was easily pushed back down by Shi Xiaoya.

But Shi Xiaoya actually did not do anything.

She just hugged Han Zhuoling tightly like a koala and said, “Im sleepy.

We can sleep now.”

She actually took a leaf from Han Zhuolings book, trapping him with her arms and legs, making him unable to do anything.

This little girl, she was really too naive.

If he really wanted to do anything, her little bit of strength would be completely useless.

Han Zhuoling pulled out his elbow amusedly and lightly patted her forehead.

“Look how scared you are.

Do you take me for a monster”

“Nope, no.” Shi Xiaoyas timid face was buried in his chest and she did not dare to reveal it.

She just nudged his chest while shaking her head.

Han Zhuolings arms regained their freedom.

With the little bit of strength Shi Xiaoya had, she was completely no match for him.

He wrapped his arms around Shi Xiaoyas waist and said, “Just sleep, I wont do anything to you.”

It was probably because his heartbeat was really too comforting that Shi Xiaoyas heart also started to calm down slowly and feel a little sleepy.

At some unknown point in time, she completely fell asleep.

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