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Chapter 1880: A Snob

Even if they did not interact with each other, she could not be like Lu Man and totally disregard Han Dongping.

Old Mrs.

Han pursed her lips.

They might as well not have called him over.

Yet he came today, and he sat down beside Lin Liye the moment he came.

Lin Liye did not want to talk to him, but Han Dongping did not initiate any conversation with Lin Liye either.

He just kept sitting beside Lin Liye and looked very bemusing like this.

Old Mrs.

Han stared at him coldly.

Han Dongping seemed to want to patch up with Lin Liye, but he could not lower his ego to soften his tone to speak, so he could only sit silently by Lin Liyes side.

Yet Lin Liye still did not talk to him.


Who cares!

He deserved it!

When Old Mrs.

Han saw Han Dongping putting up a strong front stubbornly, she suddenly realized where Han Zhuoling got his temper from.

Looks like he was really his biological son.

Even this stubbornly obstinate pattern looked so strikingly similar.

But Han Zhuoling was much better than Han Dongping.

At least when he met the girl he liked, he knew to put down his pride and woo her.

Wasnt that right It had only been a while, and he was bringing Shi Xiaoya home already.

As she thought about that, the doorbell rang.

Old Mrs.

Han asked expectantly, “Zhuoling and Xiaoya are here, right”

Auntie Sun had been near the door all this while on standby, waiting for Han Zhuoling to come, and she quickly opened the door.

Hence, when the doorbell only just rang and before the sound disappeared, Auntie Sun immediately reached the door.

Hearing Old Mrs.

Hans question, she smiled as she turned back and said, “Yes, its First Young Master and Miss Xiaoya who are here.”

Auntie Sun quickly opened the door.

Not long after, they heard Auntie Sun greet, “First Young Master, Miss Shi.”

Right after that, Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were seen walking in.

Shi Xiaoya even carried gifts with her for her first formal visit to the family.

When Old Mrs.

Han saw that, she said, “Why are you still so courteous!”

“Its what I should do,” Shi Xiaoya said, smiling.

“And yesterday when Zhuoling came to my house, you and Auntie also brought many things for him to bring over.

After my mom heard that, she felt really bad and kept reminding me that I definitely have to bring gifts over and cannot fall short of courtesy.

In the end, she was still not assured, so she went to choose the gifts personally yesterday afternoon and sent it over to me this morning.”

“Oh dear, our in-law is really too courteous.” Old Mrs.

Han smiled as she said that, and she did not reject the kind gesture anymore.

Du Yiqin was very considerate.

Shed prepared gifts for every elder in the family and did not just bring a whole bunch of gifts for them to choose one for themselves.

Unexpectedly, Han Dongping treated Shi Xiaoya pretty well.

He was quite amiable and, compared to how he treated Lu Man, the difference in treatment was stark.

But everyone there was smart.

Thinking about it from another angle, they could understand immediately.

Han Dongping clearly knew Shi Xiaoyas family background.

Although the Shi family could not be compared to the Han Family, compared to Xia Yixins family previously, it was much better.

If Han Dongping could accept Xia Yixin, he naturally would be even more accepting of Shi Xiaoya.

To put it plainly, he was still a snob who treated people according to their social status.

At first, she thought that since he had the heart to patch up with Lin Liye, even though his method was a little clumsy, Old Mrs.

Han felt that this son of hers was not completely hopeless.

But seeing how he treated Shi Xiaoya and Lu Man now, it was as if he became a different person.

When he was facing Shi Xiaoya just one second ago, he was very polite and amiable, but the next second when he saw Lu Man, his face immediately turned cold.

No one else had such speed like him.

Shen Nuo was very unhappy with that and patted the back of Lu Mans hand quietly.

“Dont need to care about him.

You have us.

Anyway, your dad isnt a nobody.” The “dad” of Lu Man that Shen Nuo was referring to was naturally Wang Juhuai.

No one would think of Lu Qiyuan as Lu Mans father.

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