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Chapter 1890: The Final Decision

She had never been scared of these things.

If there was one person against her, she took one on; if two came, she would take two on!

It was fine if Wu Jingli targeted her, but she came up with such a lofty-sounding excuse and even dragged the whole team into this.

In the end, she was doing this for her own selfish reasons, but she sugarcoated her selfish interests to make it sound nice, which was really disgusting.

If Wu Jingli dared to just admit it directly, she would be competing with her openly, so she would have actually looked well on Wu Jingli.

But given Wu Jinglis lofty-sounding demeanor now.

Since she was so prideful, Lu Man would not be polite with her anymore.

When Wu Jingli saw Lu Mans reaction, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

Lu Man then said, “Teacher Wu, the so-called stable method that you said is actually just an unexciting performance.

It would not be able to bring out the brilliance of Man Yuns character completely.”

“Although Man Yun is not the lead role, she is a very brilliant character.

Or else, Teacher Wu would not keep clutching on to this role and still not be able to get over it,” Lu Man said.

Everyone knew that Wu Jingli wanted this role.

But this was the first time it had been said out so explicitly by Lu Man.

“What nonsense are you saying!” Wu Jingli shouted furiously.

Lu Man did not squabble with her over that and continued saying, “The method that you said will just make Man Yuns character become plain and normal and make the whole play boring, bringing a lackluster performance to the audience.

All our hard work and effort is for the purpose of making a play successful and making it receive recognition from the audience.

If we are not capable enough, we should try our best to improve ourselves to reach our goals.

It is not for the sake of seeking safety and stability that we should just choose an average method that can get us by and then give the audience a defective performance.”

Wu Jinglis face had already turned beet red.

Lu Man had called her method a defective performance.

Wasnt she just saying that the method she proposed was not good enough

“Since there is a better method, why should we present the method that is not as good to the audience” Lu Man did not intend to give Wu Jingli any face.

She respected Wu Jingli like a senior, but Wu Jingli did not respect her, so she couldnt blame Lu Man for this.

“Besides, I have the confidence that I can act well.

I also have the confidence that I can stabilize my mentality and wont be affected during the actual performance,” Lu Man said.

Sun Xiutong pursed her lips and said, “You make it sound so nice.

There is only one chance in a play, which is as good as acting out a scene in one take.

If you messed up then, you messed up.

If you mess up your own part, do you expect the whole team to shoulder that burden”

Lu Man would not be bothered with her.

Did it matter no matter how much Sun Xiutong spoke

Lu Man just ignored Sun Xiutong and turned to face the audience.

Sun Xiutong got so angry that she almost stomped her feet.

“Director Xu.” Lu Man decided to find the one who could actually have the final say.

“Can I act according to my understanding of the character”

“You can.” Xu Jiashan made the final decision with his words.

“Just act in this way.

I believe in the stability of your acting.”

Xu Jiashan turned to look at everyone and said, “You all might not have seen Lu Man perform live before.

Previously, when the top four schools in the country went to compete with the exchange team, I went there as a judge.

Lu Mans performance was very stable and her stage presence was great.

I believe she has the ability to interpret and act out the character she is in charge of.”

“Alright, thats settled.” Xu Jiashan did not give Wu Jingli and the others a chance to continue speaking.

“Ill talk to you all about your positions and where you should walk on stage.”

Xu Jiashan watched their performance once just now and pointed out some parts where they needed to improve.

“Lets rehearse again now.”

The first scene started all over again.

Lu Man acted without any problems, and shed memorized her lines very well.

She did not falter at all and sounded very natural, just like how she conversed with other people usually.

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