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Chapter 1896: Han “Show Off Wife Like Crazy” Zhuoli

“The stage for plays is a very challenging place.

More senior actors like Teacher Du Xisun, as well as many senior artistes from his batch, almost dont appear on the screen nowadays.

They are all active on the theater stage.

There are also many current famous actors who act well that originally started out acting in theater plays.

It shows how this is really a place to hone your acting skills.”

“Thats why Man Man came to participate in a theater play performance this time.

She wanted to improve her acting standards a little more,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Lu Mans acting really blows people away.

The first time I saw her perform, I was also blown away.

I totally could not believe that such a performance would actually come from a student,” someone said.

Although it was the truth, it still contained some form of flattery in it.

“I think so too,” Han Zhuoli very openly agreed.

Everybody: “…”

It was fine if we just praised her.

Under normal circumstances, shouldnt you be a little more humble

Seeing how everyone looked as if they had facial cramps after being stunned by Han Zhuolis antics, Han Zhuoling thought to himself that as long as it was praise for Lu Man, Han Zhuoli would definitely not be humble about it.

Under such circumstances, such a concept did not exist to him.

“But Man Man has high expectations for herself.

She often says that acting has no boundaries, and she would constantly need to learn.” Han Zhuoli did not miss any chance to shower praises on Lu Man.

As Han Zhuofeng had said, he was really Han “Show Off Wife Like Crazy” Zhuoli.

Everyone laughed awkwardly and did not know what to say.

They could only force a smile and play along with him.

Lu Man was finally done with her makeup and quickly came over.

“Only you think Im that good.

Even I feel embarrassed from what you said.”

Han Zhuoli said very honestly, “This is what I really think to begin with.”

Xu Yuting and Sun Xiutong did not have the chance to speak the entire time.

Because there were many people around, no one noticed the two of them either.

Xu Yuting shamelessly smiled and said, “Lu Man really does act well.

I and Xiutong would ask Lu Man for guidance whenever we have the chance.”

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrow and glanced at Shi Xiaoya

Shi Xiaoya nodded at him, signalling that it was indeed those two people.

Han Zhuoli immediately retracted his smile and said apologetically to everyone, “I just came to see Lu Man for a while.

You guys probably have many things to prepare for, so I wont stay and impose on everyone for much longer.

I will head outside with my brother first.”

Everyone agreed.

Han Zhuoli then said to the few people he chatted with earlier on, “You guys are still young, you dont need to be anxious.

Stabilize your mentality and focus on honing your acting skills.

The Han Corporation is lacking actors now.

As long as you guys are capable enough, the Han Corporation will always welcome you.”

Han Zhuolis words were as good as saying that the Han Corporation could provide roles for them, as long as their acting skills were there.

This was actually already very rare.

Or else, there would not be so many actors without a chance to perform even when they could clearly act well.

What they needed was a chance.

It was not because they had no connections, just that they were replaced by people with connections but no acting skills.

They did not want to not have a chance to even audition at all.

If Han Zhuoli could say that, it was already quite good.

He could not possibly say directly that he had roles specially prepare for them.

They were not related to Han Zhuoli, so they would not be dreaming about such things.

Everyone first sent Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling off happily.

People who were more clear-headed would regain their senses and understand Han Zhuolis intentions.

He was not really such a friendly person who had so much free time to chat with them.

Han Zhuoli definitely knew that there were people who were against Lu Man and purposely drew a crowd over.

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