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Chapter 1897: Instant Kill

After that, he let people know that all those who were on good terms with Lu Man, or even those who were not close to Lu Man but did not make things difficult for her, Han Zhuoli would be willing to give them a chance.

But as for those that made things difficult for Lu Man…

Haha, you can forget about stepping a foot into the real film industry for the rest of your life.

The dreams you had in the past, you would never have a chance to realize them anymore.

Didnt they see how Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling did not bother with Xu Yuting and Sun Xiutong from start to end

And Han Zhuoli did not say he had to leave previously, but the moment the two of them spoke, Han Zhuoli did not reply to them and just said that he was leaving.

This attitude was way too obvious.

Many people who were clear-headed knew this very well.

Sun Xiutong and Xu Yuting were not smart enough, but they could understand Han Zhuolis attitude as well.

When Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling left, Su Yahan and the others chatted with Lu Man for a while before leaving.

Or else it would look like they just came because of Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuoling, and their motives would be too obvious.

Xu Yuting and Sun Xiutong stayed until the end.

This time, the two of them did not hesitate.

“Lu Man, we were at fault previously.

Were sorry,” Sun Xiutong said first.

When Xu Yuting saw that, she also quickly said, “Yeah, we were too petty and narrow-minded.

Dont take it to heart.”

Lu Man was not a fool, so she said, “It doesnt matter to me whether you guys apologize or not.

I didnt take to heart whatever you both said previously.”

Both of them were elated for a moment, yet they did not expect Lu Man to say, “Its not because Im magnanimous, but because I really do not take you both seriously.”

Xu Yuting and Sun Xiutongs expressions froze.

She did not mind, not because she was magnanimous, but because she did not care about them.

She did not even take them seriously.

“No matter what you both say now or how you apologize, I will just take it with a pinch of salt.

It still depends on what you actually do later on.

I dont need you both to like me.

We can just ignore each other and leave each other alone.

As long as you guys dont pull any schemes on me, I wont do anything to you either,” Lu Man said.

Xu Yuting and Sun Xiutongs face turned red.

They were clearly not satisfied with this result.

Both of them wanted to patch up with Lu Man and glean some benefits.

But Lu Man actually would not give them the chance.

“I need to go and make the last preparations for the performance,” Lu Man said plainly, then left together with Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie.

When they reached the back of the stage, most people were already prepared and aligning their emotions with the script.

Lu Man also went to the side to prepare while Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie went to the audience seating area.

Lu Man gave Shi Xiaoya a few more tickets, so Shi Xiaoya asked her parents and Shi Nancang to come along.

Just perfect, their seats were together with the Han Family people.

This was their first time meeting informally.

When the Han Family people saw the three people from the Shi family, they were very warm and friendly.

Shi Xiaoya watched from the side and had a nagging feeling that the next thing Old Mrs.

Han was going to say would be to mention their marriage.


Lu Mans performance went very well and did not disappoint everyones expectations.

Many people had not realized at the start that Man Yuns character was played by Lu Man.

Xu Ningxian also brought along a few members of her fan club to watch the performance, but as it was a play, they could not wave light boards, banners, and the like to cheer and give support, so they could only sit in among the audience obediently and watch quietly.

Lu Mans latest public performance was at the friendly competition with the exchange team.

But that video was spread around online, so there were not that many people who actually watched it.

As she had settled down and focused on studying, Lu Mans exposure decreased.

Indeed, the people who came to watch the play did not have a strong impression of her in mind.

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