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That\'s right. Lu Man did not put much thought into his words.

Because Brother Zhou and Brother Xu had to stay there every day, it was pretty tiring for them too.

Moreover, they were standing guard to protect my mother.

Now, I can\'t possibly let them stay hungry either, right Besides, the food at the hospital doesn\'t taste good either.

I haven\'t even tried a lunchbox that you prepared especially for me, Han Zhuoli did not mention a word about him snatching Lu Man\'s prepared lunchboxes from Zhou Cheng and Xu Hui in the past.

When will you make one for me

Won\'t you be able to eat it today Lu Man pointed at the table full of dishes.

I was referring to a lunchbox.

The kind that you can bring to the office, Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man, not letting her play dumb.

… Lu Man did not backtrack.

I\'ll bring it over for you on Monday then.

That will be too troublesome, Han Zhuoli still pretended to be polite.

You would probably have to wake up very early, right

Lu Man\'s eyebrow twitched a little.

Not really, it\'s something simple, it\'s not troublesome.

Unless you have exceptionally high expectations.

No, no, not at all.

Just prepare something easy for me to eat, that will do, Han Zhuoli hurriedly said, But if it really is too troublesome, then you don\'t have to prepare it.

… Lu Man pursed her lips.

Then I won\'t prepare it.

… Han Zhuoli coughed a little, Why don\'t you just try

Lu Man scoffed, Didn\'t I agree long ago

Han Zhuoli, …

Nowadays, Lu Man was getting less afraid of him.

Now, Lu Man was like a wife who wouldn\'t listen to her husband.

What should he do


In the afternoon, as Han Zhouli was leaving, Lu Man went along with him to see him off.

Lu Man walked him to his car.

Before Han Zhuoli left, he reminded her once again, Don\'t forget to prepare a lunchbox for me.

Lu Man really wanted to roll her eyes at him.

Since he minded it so much, why did he still pretend to be all polite just now.

I\'ll remember it, I won\'t forget, Lu Man assured him and then Han Zhuoli finally sat in his car.

After that, Lu Man saw him waving his hand at her.

Thinking that he still had something to tell her, she bent her waist, dipping her head down.

Unexpectedly, just as she approached him, Han Zhuoli swung an arm around her neck and kissed her firmly on the lips.

Lu Man was taken by surprise, leaving her completely flustered.

Her hand hurriedly grabbed onto the back of Han Zhuoli\'s seat but she still staggered, and her entire body fell onto his.

She was completely pressed against Han Zhuoli.

Just then, Han Zhuoli smoothly held onto the back of her head and her slender waist, placing her onto his lap.

If not for the storage compartment between the seats blocking, Lu Man would completely be laid down on her back by Han Zhuoli.

However, the car door was still open!

Won\'t the passers-by see everything

Lu Man tried pushing Han Zhuoli away.

Unknowingly, she was already trapped between him and the steering wheel.

With both her arms were trapped within his embrace, she could hardly move.

In his arms, she immediately seemed so small and dainty.

Han Zhuoli peeked his eyes open and realized that Lu Man was blushing furiously.

The tinge of pink on her face made Han Zhuoli\'s lips curl up uncontrollably.

He then reduced his strength slightly and kissed her passionately, sucking on softly from her lips to the corner of her lips, pressing his lips onto her pink cheeks and ear lobe.

As if he could not get enough of her, Han Zhuoli increased the strength of his grip around her.

His palms squeezed and kneaded all over her.

It was never enough.

Even though Lu Man had a strong personality, in both her lives, she had never experienced anything like this.

Now that she was in Han Zhuoli\'s arms, how could she even stay as calm and quick-witted as she usually was.

At that moment, she finally was just like any ordinary little girl, getting all flustered by Han Zhuoli\'s ministrations.

I don\'t want to let you go, Han Zhuoli hugged Lu Man, burying his face in the crook of her neck.

When he spoke, his hot breath blew onto her neck, making her neck feel itchy, turning red instantly and even the fine hair on her ears stood up.


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