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Chapter 1906: Dont Tell Me You Want to Spend It Alone

“Xia Qingyang, let me tell you this.

I wont have trouble finding another wife.

With you out of the way, I can still find someone else.

If you still want to be Mrs.

Lu, stop behaving like a shrew, or else we will get a divorce! Even if I live alone, its still better than providing for a shrew like you!”

“If I keep a dog, at least it will wag its tail at me when I come back home.

You are spending my money, yet you still provoke me and make me angry every day at home.

Then whats the point of me providing for you” Lu Qiyuan said brusquely.

“Youre comparing me to a dog” Xia Qingyang was so furious that her eyes turned bloodshot.

Lu Qiyuan even wanted to say, youre even worse than a dog.

“Think about it on your own!” Lu Qiyuan gave his ultimatum and said, “If you continue doing this, we can just divorce! If you dont want a divorce, then behave yourself!”

After Lu Qiyuan said that, he turned and walked out.

“Where are you going” Xia Qingyang asked as she chased after him.

Lu Qiyuan stopped at the door and turned to give Xia Qingyang a vexed and disgusted look.

“If you dont want to live life peacefully together, then you dont have to.

I am already very tired from work every day.

I want to relax when I come home, yet you still give me all this nonsense every day.

I really dont know why youve become like this now.

Is it because the people and factors that can threaten your position are gone, thats why you became so insolent and crazy You can even ignore my feelings for you”

“Now, whenever I see you, my mood turns sour and I lose my appetite.

It was a fine New Years Eve, a day for a reunion, yet you made it so horrible!” Lu Qiyuan clenched his teeth and said, “As for this reunion dinner, I might as well go without eating it!”

Why should he eat it

Take a look at who he was eating with.

It was with Xia Qingyang, Lu Qi, and He Zhengbai!

Those three people were exactly the people he suspected of hollowing out his company!

What good would there be to have this meal together with people who were plotting against him!

Did he not find it depressing enough

Lu Qiyuan opened the door and left.

Xia Qingyang could not even stop him.

“Its the Chinese New Year, dont tell me you want to spend it alone” Xia Qingyang shouted, standing at the door.

She was too embarrassed to go out and shout, lest people in the vicinity saw, which would be even more embarrassing.

Lu Qiyuan did not even turn back and just drove off.

Spend it alone

Hah, spending it alone would still be better than suffering from anger looking at that old face of hers!


Xia Qingyang closed the door and called Lu Qi.

“Qi Qi, your dad has someone on the side!”

Lu Qi frowned.

“Mom, you saw it”

“No, but I have a feeling, he definitely has someone.

I have been his wife for decades.

If anything changed in him, I would know.

I even smelled the scent of womens perfume on him just now!” Xia Qingyang said.

“Mom, just because of this, you said Dad has a woman on the side.

Thats too…” Ridiculous!

Even Lu Qi felt resigned and even a little annoyed.

She thought to herself that Xia Qingyang had already sold Lu Qiyuan out cleanly and colluded with the He family to steal Lu Qiyuans money.

Yet she would actually care if Lu Qiyuan had a mistress outside

“Mom, today is a festive day, just dont quarrel with Dad anymore!” Lu Qi felt frustrated.

“I am about to go back now.

Well talk again when Im back.

Stop quarreling with Dad anymore.

Dont you feel tired quarreling every day”

“And if you really care so much about him and dont want him to find a mistress outside, then all the more you should behave nicely, right If you keep quarreling every day to the point that he doesnt want to go home, he will really find a mistress outside because of you and find another home,” Lu Qi said.

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