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Chapter 1913: I Wouldnt Dare

Wang Juhuai looked down at him.

The babys eyes were still closed.

It was probably because his face was small, but his eyelashes were startlingly long.

Lu Man and Han Zhuoli both gathered around to look.

Lu Man even took a few photos of him and sent them to the Han Family group chat.

“When I received your call, Grandma even wanted to come with us.

We only managed to persuade her against it after some effort.”

Wang Juhuai laughed heartily and said, “When Qingwei has recovered, we will bring our son to the Han Family together.”

In the group chat, Old Mrs.

Han sent questions over in rapid succession like cannon fire.

As she used the handwriting function, her speed was a little slower, yet she had an impatient temperament.

She could not even wait for herself to finish writing, so she just recorded her voice and sent it over.

“How is Qingwei now”

“Has she woken up”

“Does the child have a name yet”

Lu Man had only just sent out the photo and had only had the time to tell everyone that both mother and son were fine, to assure everyone.

Hence, everyone in the Han Family could tell from Lu Mans simple words that Xia Qingwei bore a little prince.

After Lu Man notified them and briefly explained the situation, she did not say anything more and was busy looking at her younger brother who had just been born.

Hearing Old Mrs.

Hans questions now, Lu Man recalled that she too did not know what this little bundle was going to be called.

She first replied to Old Mrs.

Hans previous two questions.

“Grandma, my moms anesthesia hasnt subsided, so shes still asleep.

The doctor said everything went smoothly.”

After saying that, Lu Man then asked Wang Juhuai, “Dad, have you thought of a name”

Wang Juhuai laughed and said, “I thought of it.

I didnt come and check whether it was a boy or girl previously, so there will be an element of surprise.

Hence, I thought of two names.

If it was a girl, she will be called Wang Yipan.

If its a boy, he will be called Wang Yijun.”

Lu Man could immediately tell the meaning behind the names Wang Juhuai came up with.

Whether it was Wang Yipan or Wang Yijun, the last word of the names when put together read, Pan Jun[1].

This was probably Wang Juhuais feelings towards Xia Qingwei.

Lu Man smiled exceptionally warmly.

“Do you want to carry him” Wang Juhuai asked Lu Man.

Lu Man was utterly scared of it and immediately took a step back and said, “I dont dare to.

Hes too small, I dont dare to carry him.”

He was such a small child and looked so fragile.

His bones were soft all over.

As she was preparing for pregnancy, besides making full, pre-natal preparations and taking all the health supplements she was supposed to take, she would also look up information on preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy, as well as on giving birth.

She also knew that babies at this moment did not have enough strength in their necks to support their heads.

When carrying them, she had to support the back of their head and definitely could not let the babys head dangle without support.

This little bundle was so small right now.

She was very scared that she would mishandle him because she had no experience.

“What are you afraid of Its also my first time carrying him,” Wang Juhuai said.

When Xia Qingwei was pregnant, Wang Juhuai accompanied Xia Qingwei to attend lessons regularly.

Xia Qingwei learned about the things to take note of during pregnancy and after giving birth, and she did some yoga exercise suitable for pregnant women to help her have a smoother delivery.

On the other hand, Wang Juhuai learned how to take care of pregnant women, as well as how to carry newborns after the baby is delivered, how to change diapers for newborns, how to bathe them, etc.

He learned it even more seriously than anyone else and did better than all the other would-be fathers.

It caused the other would-be fathers to be grumbled at by their own wives, saying that they did not take the lessons seriously and did not intend to take care of the child together with them at all.

Look at how people who genuinely had the heart to care for their child performed

[1] Waiting for husband to return

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