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Chapter 1916: His Parents Are Reaching B City Today

Afraid Xia Qingwei would encounter any mishaps during her delivery, Wang Juhuai had asked Auntie Liang to send the ginseng over.

Fortunately, they had no need for it.

How could Xia Qingwei return something given by Old Mrs.


It wouldnt look good to return it like this.

Hence, she decided to temporarily keep the ginseng in care for the two elders.

If they had any need for it, shed take it out immediately.

The little baby was sleeping when they were chatting with Xia Qingwei.

Thus, everyone lowered their tones.

After asking after Xia Qingwei, everyone turned their attention to the baby sleeping deliciously.

He was so tiny, only as long as the forearm, his head no bigger than a palm.

Because Xia Qingwei was nourished extremely well during her expectancy, the baby wasnt very wrinkled.

His skin was all smoothed out and pretty.

But he was still unavoidably slightly yellow, like most newborn babies would be.

Itd be fine after a few days.

As if he was finally fully rested from sleep, the baby suddenly opened his eyes under everyones gaze.

A pair of large black eyes looked around in curiosity.

In reality, a newborn couldnt see much, and all they see was a blur.

But he appeared so clever.

The surrounding adults were delighted.

“Look at his eyes, so big and round, and those deep double eyelids! So beautiful.” Charmed as she was, Old Mrs.

Han dared not touch the baby carelessly for newborns were fragile.

The adults all looked on interestedly, even if the little baby did nothing.


Three days passed in a flash, and Xia Qingwei could start walking slowly.

So they moved her to the connected Chu Tian Confinement Center at the back and started the official recovery and confinement period.

And Lu Man, who was on her Spring Festival holiday break, spent her days with Xia Qingwei at the confinement center.

Xia Qingwei smiled.

“Does Zhuoli have any opinions about you spending all your days here Its rare that you both have holidays, yet you keep coming to visit me.”

“Youre fine now, so Im not worried.

But I want to see my little brother!” Lu Man smiled as she played with the baby.

He didnt know how to laugh yet, and sleep was all he did, but he would use his fists to grab the finger Lu Man teased him with sometimes.

Her heart melted every time her finger got caught.

Xia Qingwei didnt press her on getting pregnant and whatnot.

Lu Man was already preparing to conceive anyway and was not rejecting the idea of having her own kids.

Its useless pressuring others about this.

Its not like babies emerged from a parent being pressured.

She had no idea if Lu Man was being pressed by the Han Family about kids, but as her own mother, she wouldnt do that to her child.

“Right, wheres Dad How come I didnt see him around today” Lu Man asked.

Ever since Xia Qingwei gave birth, Wang Juhuai had been around her 24 hours a day.

Fortunately, this was a suite, and there was a bed for Wang Juhuai outside, so no ones rest was affected.

Hence, it was so rare not seeing Wang Juhuai today.

“His parents are reaching B City today, so he went to fetch them,” Xia Qingwei said somewhat unenthusiastically.

When she had the huge misunderstanding with Wang Juhuai back then, his parents could be considered as Lin Jinshus accessories.

Wang Juhuais parents never liked her.

Though they didnt explicitly say they wanted her to break up with Wang Juhuai, they were always cool to her.

They thought she couldnt match up with Wang Juhuai.

Even if she was young and naive back then, she could still feel things.

In contrast, they loved Lin Jinshu.

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