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Chapter 1917: The Attitude Then

After that, when Lin Jinshu set up Wang Juhuai, it was also his parents whod staunchly supported Lin Jinshu, claiming theyd do right by her.

Of course, Lin Jinshus family also contributed to the pressure.

Thinking back now, she was so naive as to assume that Wang Juhuais parents had been forced by the Lin family.

In reality, it was simply a good cop, bad cop situation.

Wang Juhuais parents had looked like theyd been pressed and righteously insisted on Wang Juhuai taking responsibility.

In reality, they were just acting with Lin Jinshus parents.

Only she and Wang Juhuai were in the dark.

What a joke.

But now, she understood everything.

Xia Qingwei felt Wang Juhuai mustve understood this long ago.

Hence, he wasnt that happy when he heard his parents were coming over to see their grandchild.

He even said to her, “You dont have to talk to them, just being superficial will do.

Agree with whatever reasonable stuff they say, and dont be bothered if they are unreasonable.

If they go overboard, you dont even need to care about superficial courtesy.”

Theres no reason why both of them had to be bullied by his parents at their age.

Xia Qingwei could hear from Wang Juhuais words that he had seen things clearly since a long time ago.

He did not inform his parents when they married.

Not because he was afraid of rejection and wanted to get things done first.

Wang Juhuai wasnt afraid of this, nor was he irresponsible.

He merely thought there was no point.

As a son, he would be filial to his parents within his acceptable limits.

As long as they didnt go over the line and do what he couldnt accept.

But, that was it.

As for big matters like marriage, Wang Juhuai reckoned his parents had no need to know, so he had no need to inform them.

If they knew, then they knew.

The only message he was sending was he never planned to make them call the shots.

They could no longer do that for him.

Frankly, the Wang family wasnt some family with old money.

At that period, they could afford to let Wang Juhuai learn the violin and migrate.

These expenses werent something an average family could afford.

Wang Juhuais parents chose to invest in migration.

They already had a company in China.

Though small, it was enough to support their expenses for migration.

Hence, they shifted the company to the US.

It was similarly small but enough to support their living expenses in America.

Then Wang Juhuai became an internationally renowned violin maestro, and the company did better than before.

Afterward, the company was passed to Wang Jugu while they enjoyed retirement.

However, Wang Jugu clearly did not possess the capabilities Wang Juhuai had.

And because of Wang Qianyuns issue after that, Wang Juhuai was unwilling to let Wang Jugu use his name for his own benefit.

Thus, the company suffered losses day after day under Wang Jugu, and it barely managed to supply their income for their current lifestyles.

But Wang Juhuais parents suffered nothing because of Wang Juhuais care.

Thus, in the Wang familys then condition, Wang Juhuais parents naturally became close to Lin Jinshu.

The Lin familys company was much bigger than theirs.

Even when Wang Juhuai and Lin Jinshu were divorcing, his parents still advised him to not follow through.

But by then, Wang Juhuai wasnt a youngster whos easily manipulated.

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