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Chapter 1918: Not Informing Us of Such a Big Matter

He merely told his parents, “If you still recognize me as your son and want my money, then dont interfere in my business.

The divorce must go through regardless.

The only difference is if I still care about you.”

Three simple sentences was enough to make them quieten down.

Lu Man could guess Wang Juhuais parents attitude based on Xia Qingweis words.

She smiled, holding Xia Qingweis hand.

“Mom, dont think about these things.

Youre still in confinement, so maintaining a good mood is of utmost importance.

Leave everything to Dad.

At worst, theres still me.”

“Right.” Xia Qingwei nodded.


Meanwhile, at the airport.

Wang Juhuai received Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing.

Wang Juhuai might be middle-aged, but Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing both still looked energetic.

They walked out looking like theyre in their 50s or 60s; they did a good job maintaining their looks.

“Dad, Mom,” Wang Juhuai called lacklusterly.

Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqings faces grew dark.

They knew because of the Lin Jinshu incident, the son theyre proudest of had grown distant from them.

But it shouldnt be to this degree! Being so indifferent to seeing them.

Lu Wenqing reckoned Xia Qingwei might have spoken badly about them to Wang Juhuai to brainwash him into being cool with them!

Xia Qingwei was young then and couldnt see things clearly, but shed have understood things perfectly now, so she must have badmouthed them to Wang Juhuai.

Who knew what potion Xia Qingwei gave to Wang Juhuai He even kept mum about his marriage from them!

Xia Qingwei knew they didnt like her, thats why!

They boarded the car, the parents sitting at the back.

Wang Juhuai brought no chauffeur.

He understood his parents too well.

They probably wont have anything good to say during the trip.

He didnt wish to air his dirty linen to outsiders.

Indeed, as Wang Juhuai drove, Wang Taihong said, “Marriages such a big thing, so why didnt you tell us”

Wang Juhuai was lukewarm.

“You both were travelling overseas.

You couldnt come over even if I told you.”

They married when Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing were in Africa, when they had bad signals at their campsite in the great wilderness.

Moreover, local news rarely traveled to Africa.

Plus, the couple went north after Africa to southern Europe.

They had nothing to worry about after retirement, so they kept travelling, merely resting at home for short intervals before continuing their journey to explore the world in every detail.

It was perhaps also to hide from Lin Jinshu.

Lin Jinshu never gave up ever since the divorce.

She couldnt get close to Wang Juhuai, so shed shifted her target to his parents.

But Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing were no fools either.

Knowing their influence over their son was long gone and they couldnt help Lin Jinshu in any way, they understood they couldnt accept benefits from Lin Jinshu for nothing.

So they traveled the world to avoid Lin Jinshu.

However, accepting Wang Juhuais irrevocable separation from Lin Jinshu did not mean accepting Xia Qingwei.

Especially when Xia Qingwei was someone they disapproved of previously.

Now that Wang Juhuais with her again, did that mean they lacked foresight or that he disregarded his parents for a woman

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