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Chapter 1923: Did Not Even Let Them Step into the House

“Based on what you just said, Miss Lu is preparing for pregnancy now.” Lu Wenqings “Miss Lu” directly distanced herself from Lu Man, indicating she did not even consider Lu Man as her kin.

Xia Qingweis expression turned cold.

Lu Wenqing could put on a fake act and say insinuating things to anger her, but she could not treat Lu Man like that!

Wang Juhuais face also turned sullen instantly.

Lu Wenqing continued, “Looks like Miss Lu is married”

Lu Wenqing was doing it on purpose.

She clearly saw Wang Juhuais dark expression, but she still said that.

But clearly, Lin Jinshu did not tell her that Lu Mans husband was Han Zhuoli.

Or else, Lu Wenqing would not dare to be so arrogant.

“Man Man is my daughter, so why are you calling her Miss Lu!” Wang Juhuai said in a low voice.

“Is that so” Lu Wenqing acted as if she just knew of that and said, “I heard her surname is Lu, so I thought that she did not stay together with the two of you.

And since Lu Man is married, she wont go back to her maternal home anymore.

That room is empty, so it should be fine if you let us use it.”

“Man Man did not change her surname because before I married Qingwei, she was already a famous actress.

Lu Mans name is already widely known by people.

If she changes her name, it would not help her career at all.

But Man Man and I treat each other like father and daughter.

This is a genuine relationship, not something that is just displayed formally through her name,” Wang Juhuai said.

“As for that room, if its saved for her, then it is hers.

The house really does not have any spare rooms,” Wang Juhuai said coldly.

“Anyway, during this period, theres no one at home.

We will all be here accompanying Qingwei.

The helper at home will have to stay to take care of her, and I will accompany her here to prevent her from getting bored.

Wei Zhong will also run some errands here.

No one can take care of you both at home, so you might as well stay in a hotel, which would be more convenient.”

Wang Juhuai already thought of his excuse.

His explanation made it so hard for anyone to rebut, so what else could they say

In the end, they could only reluctantly and unhappily agree to stay in the hotel.

Before leaving with Wang Juhuai, Lu Wenqing still faked a smile and said, “Qingwei, have a good rest.

We will come and visit you again tomorrow.”

Xia Qingwei forced a smile and managed to pacify them.

When Wang Juhuai brought the two of them away, Xia Qingwei held Lu Mans hand apologetically and said, “Its all because of me that you—”

“Mom, Im fine.” Lu Man glanced at the door and confirmed there was no one else here before saying, “To be honest, could the two of them even stay in the country for long They will have to go back sooner or later.

And we saw Dads attitude.

He would not even let them step into the house.

Do you think he would let them stay in the country”

Saying that there was no space at home was just Wang Juhuais excuse.

Even if there was no space at home, he could also have invited them into his house for a visit first.

Wang Juhuai did not even mention it, which made it clear that he did not want to entertain them.

He would fulfill the minimal duties required for him to be filial to them, but they should not expect any more from him.

As for Wang Juhuais attitude, Lu Man felt especially assured.

At least with Wang Juhuai around, Xia Qingwei would not suffer.

Some men would be sandwiched between their mother and wife, trying to persuade their mother while asking their wife to tolerate and bear with things.

In the end, the wife would have to swallow a bitter pill and suffer, and when he was not around, the mother-in-law would not care about what her son said at all.

In this way, he would neither satisfy his mother nor take good care of his wife, so he would end up not doing anything well.

But Wang Juhuai was different.

What was right was right, and what was wrong was wrong.

If Xia Qingwei was in the wrong today, he would not side with her.

It was just that Xia Qingwei would not behave in that way at all.

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