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Chapter 1925: Not Taking Away Now

“Who knows She might have just sold herself to get them,” Wang Taihong suggested sinisterly.

“Or else, how could she become famous”

Lu Wenqing pursed her lips and said, “When Xia Qingwei was young, I already disliked her and felt that she was too fake.

Now what She bore a daughter who, out of all things, went to work in the entertainment industry.

Is that an industry normal people will work in She actually let Lu Man do that so freely.

Its obvious that this mother and daughter pair arent any kind souls!”

After Lu Wenqing said that, she suddenly raised her voice and said, “No!”

This sound gave Wang Taihong a shock.

“What are you doing, scaring people all of a sudden.”

“Juhuai clearly intends to stay in the country to accompany Xia Qingwei.

With Xia Qingwei and Lu Man around, I am really scared that Yijun will be led astray by that mother and daughter pair.

With them as bad examples, what will happen to Yijun in the future Look at how Xia Qingwei taught Lu Man.

It would be strange if she could actually teach Yijun properly,” Lu Wenqing said.

Wang Taihong nodded.

“You are right, and the environment here is really too average.

Why dont we bring him back to the States with us and educate him properly so he can get a better education as well”


Xia Qingwei, Wang Juhuai, and Lu Man still did not know that Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing were thinking of such an idea in their minds right now.

The next day, Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing came very early in the morning.

Lu Man was afraid that the two of them would come and cause some trouble again, so she also came very early in the morning to guard against them.

Seeing that the two of them actually came so early, it was clear that they came with a motive.

Xia Qingwei was shocked too.

She had just had breakfast not long ago.

While recuperating at the confinement center, her three daily meals, including her activities, were highly regulated.

Her breakfast would be served punctually at 8 am every day by someone.

It was only 8:30 am now, but coming over from the hotel took time as well, so the two of them really got up early.

“Qingwei, from your complexion, it looks like you got better than you were yesterday,” Lu Wenqing said as she smiled.

“Is that so I feel about the same every day,” Xia Qingwei replied with a small smile.

“The two of you came over so early.

Have you had breakfast yet”

“We did, we ate breakfast at the hotel.” After Lu Wenqing said that, she turned to look at Wang Yijun.

At least she greeted Xia Qingwei, but as for Lu Man, she just completely ignored her.

Lu Man did not care.

She did not want to seek presence in front of them to get their recognition.

If she was treated with importance by Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing, wouldnt that be an insult

Why dont they take a look at the kind of people they treat with importance

People like Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun.

At this moment, Wang Juhuai came in.

He went out just now for his morning exercise.

The moment he came in and saw Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing present, he also got a shock.

“Dad, Mom, why did you both come so early”

Lu Wenqing smiled and said, “I missed Xiao Jun, and I hate that I cant just fly over to his side, so I came early in the morning.”

She paused for a moment and asked, “Am I giving you trouble”

Wang Juhuai did not answer her directly and said, “I just didnt think you both will come so early.”

Lu Wenqing glanced at Wang Taihong, and Wang Taihong said, “Since you are all here, theres something we want to discuss with you.”

Xia Qingweis heart stopped for a moment.

The two of them could not possibly want to move back to stay in the country permanently.

Wang Juhuai maintained his expression and asked, “What is it”

“Your mom and I thought about it.

Be it the living environment or the educational environment here, we both think its not good enough, so we want to take Yijun back to America with us for his education.

Of course, we wont be taking him away now, the baby is still young after all,” Wang Taihong said.

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