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Chapter 1933: This Man Was Doing It on Purpose

She was even avoiding him.

This little girl was really quite cautious.

Although Lu Man knew that, she still felt that Han Zhuoli was behaving a little weirdly.

Under Han Zhuolis urging, she sat beside him and asked, “What are you looking at”

“Im looking at netizens comments.” Han Zhuoli pushed the phone over to her side to let her have a look.

When Lu Man saw the comments, she instantly knew why Han Zhuoli had that kind of reaction just now.

Right after that, she heard Han Zhuolis chuckle right beside her ear.

“Way of training a husband, huh”

Lu Man: “…”

“How do I treat you normally Dont you know, as the person involved When did I ever use some technique to train my husband” Lu Man said.

How gentle was she when she was with him!

“You do know a way to train your husband,” Han Zhuoli said.

“No, I dont!” Lu Man felt really wronged.

In front of him, she had never used any schemes before!

There were so many girls who shared things like how they trained their boyfriends and husbands.

But Lu Man never did such things.

Alas, after she said that, Han Zhuoli pulled her over to lie on his body.

“At night, you really know how to train your husband.” Han Zhuoli hugged her around the waist, his hands slowly inching downwards.

Lu Man blushed, but she could not help laughing too.

That was actually what he meant by “way of training a husband”!

Han Zhuoli just sprawled out his limbs and said, “Ill let you train me tonight.”

Lu Man lowered her head to kiss his lips, but she did not do anything else.

Han Zhuoli was very dissatisfied.

“We still have to rehearse one more time before the actual performance.

Lets sleep earlier tonight.” Lu Man kissed him again and said, “I will make it up to you.”

Han Zhuoli just flipped over and pressed her down in dissatisfaction.

“I got the feels now.”

Lu Man sucked in her breath.

Her shocked look made Han Zhuoli laugh.

“Who asked you to look so seductive when you just came out from the shower”

His low laughter had an attractive, slightly hoarse tone to it, and it rang beside Lu Mans ear.

And this man was doing it on purpose.

He purposely leaned in close to her ear, his laughter lingering around her faintly, deliberately seducing her.

His breath caressed her earlobe and the side of her neck, making Lu Man feel a little itchy, as well as tremble a lot.

“Just once,” Han Zhuoli said.


“You always come out to perform and leave me alone in an empty room,” Han Zhuoli said pitifully.

Lu Man: “…”

Wasnt he the one who always followed her out when she went out to perform

Even if she had a performance, wasnt he also the one who insisted on pestering her for it

Just like that, every time when she came home, wasnt he also the one who behaved like someone who had starved for days

But Lu Man just could not stand Han Zhuoli teasing her like this.

In the end, she still blushed and agreed, like all the previous times.


Lu Mans performance tour officially started.

As for Shi Xiaoya, after the New Year, she also had to join the production team for Survivor to start filming for the fifth episode.

Luckily, the fifth episode was set in T City, which was very close to B City, and the filming conditions were very good.

Shi Xiaoya then brought Guo Yujie along to T City.

The guests for this episode were Zhang Xiangyou, Zheng Xuexin, Ni Xue, Lin Yantao, Lan Jiexin, and Peng Zhen.

The two of them had already checked in and were resting in their room.

Guo Yujie looked at the guest list and said, “There are four new guests this episode.

Zheng Xuexin, Ni Xue, Lan Jiexin, and Peng Zhen.”

Guo Yujie said with a gossipy look on her face, “I heard that Ni Xue hooked up with a rich backer, so she has only just graduated yet has pretty good resources right now.”

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