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Chapter 1934: Afraid That He Will Treat You Indecently

“And she had just taken on the female lead role for an IP drama.

That rich backer pampers her quite a lot and is willing to spend money on her.

This little girl, it looks like shes quite capable.”

Ni Xues issue was not a secret in the industry.

The industry was only so big, after all.

The rich backer would not just support one person.

They would always support one whenever one came.

Today, they would like this person and support her for a while.

After they got tired of her, they would just support the next one.

Anyway, they would never lack resources in this aspect.

“Or else, given Ni Xues newcomer status, how could she participate in Survivor” Guo Yujie said.

“From the guests in the previous episode, one could tell that those who came to film for the show were either experienced senior actors or the most popular young celebrities at the moment.

Ni Xue belongs to neither of these categories.”

“But there are many new guests this episode.

Theres no Young Master Ling or Cris whom you are usually assigned to, so this time, you might have to draw a lot to pick.” Guo Yujie frowned.

“Hope you dont pick that Zheng Xuexin.”

“Zheng Xuexin has a gentlemanly image, but hes actually a despicable person.

He often parties outside and will even approach some newcomers, promise them that he would bring them along if he had any shows, all so that they would sleep with him.” Guo Yujie pursed her lips.

Saying it made her mouth feel dirty.

“Hopefully, you dont get assigned to do makeup for him.

I am worried that he will treat you indecently,” Guo Yujie said.

“I know.” Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“I will try my best to guard against him.

I think he probably would not be so improper.”

“Dont think too highly of him.

He wont let go of people who are just slightly prettier, and he really thinks he has so much charm that anyone he singles out as his target should be grateful to him for thinking highly of them.” Guo Yujie rolled her eyes.

“If he was only a playboy, I wont say much about him.

But he thinks hes so charming and whatnot, which is really gross.”

Zheng Xuexin was not married at 40 and had been playing all his life.

His looks could barely be considered as good-looking.

He looked clean and neat, but he was not exactly handsome.

On top of the things he did, looking at him made one feel disgusted.

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

“Dont worry, I will take note of this.”

Although she felt that, she did not have such a huge charm for everyone to like her.

But she also took note to avoid giving Zheng Xuexin the wrong impression that she was interested in him.

“The fact that I might not pick him to do makeup aside, even if I really did, I will only do makeup for him twice.

My luck probably wont be so bad,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Alas, Shi Xiaoyas luck this time was really not very good.

She even felt, was it because she got to know Han Zhuoling and became Han Zhuolings girlfriend that shed used up all her remaining luck in advance

When they were drawing the lots that night, she really picked Zheng Xuexin.

“I will keep watch at the side and stay by your side.

He wont go to the extent of doing anything improper,” Guo Yujie said.

Shi Xiaoya felt that Guo Yujie was being too anxious.

She made it seem as if Zheng Xuexin would really do something to her, and she found it a little amusing.

The next morning, Shi Xiaoya had prepared very early on.

When the guests all arrived, Shi Xiaoya brought Guo Yujie to put on makeup for Zheng Xuexin.

“Hello, Teacher Zheng.

I am Shi Xiaoya.

For this episode, I will be your makeup artist,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Zheng Xuexin checked out Shi Xiaoya, and his eyes glowed immediately.

“I have long hard that Miss Shis capabilities are very high.

For you to have such achievements at such a young age, its really impressive.

We never had a chance to work together before, nor have we ever met.

Today, we finally have a chance to work together,” Zheng Xuexin said, smiling.

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