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Chapter 1937: Doesnt Even Want That Last Bit of Face Anymore

Zheng Xuexin smiled again and said, “Being a makeup artist like you requires a lot of resources too.

Not just for following a production team as a makeup artist, it will be best if you can be the personal makeup artist for those famous celebrities.

I know, some A-list female celebrities like to work with you, but in the end, you are not their personal makeup artist.

Then you will need someone to recommend you, to help you out.

Or else, given your connections, you wont be able to compete against those makeup artists who are even more experienced than you.”

“This is the same logic even in the entertainment industry.

There are many actors with good acting skills, but they are all not popular.

Many famous actresses may not necessarily act any better than those who are not popular, but their resources are like that.

Its the same for the makeup artist industry.

Your skills are better than those personal makeup artists, but they have connections.

If you want to replace them, you need to have your own connections as well.”

Seeing Zheng Xuexin go on and on, Shi Xiaoya finally could not stand it and interrupted him, saying, “These are all talk for the future.

Teacher Zheng, if we dont start on the makeup now, there would be no time.”

Seeing Zheng Xuexin behaving like this, Guo Yujie was very worried.

Shi Xiaoya really did not expect that Zheng Xuexin would be so improper.

She did not dare to put on makeup for Zheng Xuexin now either.

Once they were putting on makeup, they would inevitably have to be closer to each other.

Who knows what Zheng Xuexin would do then

“I just remembered, I have something that I forgot to take.” Shi Xiaoya came up with an excuse and said, “Teacher Zheng, wait here for a while, Ill go and get it.”

Zheng Xuexin just grabbed Shi Xiaoyas wrist and did not even want that last bit of face anymore.

“Hey, dont leave.” Zheng Xuexin just held on to her and did not let go.

“That assistant of yours disappeared.

She probably went to help you get it.”

Shi Xiaoyas heart stopped for a moment.

She only then realized that Guo Yujie had unknowingly disappeared.

At this moment, Guo Yujie went directly to find Lu Dongliu.

She saw that Zheng Xuexin was behaving improperly.

Given how pesky he was being, she was worried that he would not let Shi Xiaoya off so easily.

Luckily, Zheng Xuexins attention was not on her, so even if she left, Zheng Xuexin did not become cautious.

Or rather, Zheng Xuexin felt that the production team would give him face and would not stand up for Shi Xiaoya over such small issues.

Anyway, Guo Yujie did not care what Zheng Xuexin thought.

She seized the chance to quickly come over to ask Lu Dongliu for help.

“Director Lu!” Guo Yujie saw that the production staff handling the equipment in the distance and that most people were gathered there, so she quickly headed over to find him.

Lu Dongliu was indeed there.

Lu Dongliu was testing the position of the equipment.

When he heard Guo Yujies voice, he turned and saw Guo Yujie running over.

When she saw Lu Dongliu, Guo Yujie felt she finally found her savior and immediately rushed over.

She was panting heavily and did not even have time to recover as she said urgently, “Director Lu, can you come over with me Xiaoya is…”

Guo Yujie was afraid that it might have a negative impact on Shi Xiaoya, so she lowered her voice and said, “Xiaoya is being pestered by Zheng Xuexin.”

Lu Donglius face changed immediately.

He put aside the work he was doing at once and called Chi Xingrui over.

“Lets go!”

There was no one in the industry who did not know how Zheng Xuexin was like.

The netizens did not know how he was like.

He maintained his image well and even had fans.

But about his issue, many in the industry knew about it.

Even if they did know, there were only so many artistes who could bring up the viewership ratings, and Zheng Xuexin was one of them, so it was impossible for the production team to not invite him.

Lu Dongliu also had the same thought as Shi Xiaoya.

He felt that no matter how lustful Zheng Xuexin was, he would not be so improper.

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