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Chapter 1954: Dont Need to Hide

He already said his motive out so directly, without hiding it at all.

Was that really a good thing

He should at least try to hide a bit.

Han Zhuoling could not help but smile.

This faint smile made the corners of his lips look so gorgeous.

After entering the lift, Han Zhuoling held Shi Xiaoyas hand and said, “My motive is very simple, I dont need to hide it.

I just want to be together with you in the first place.

Hiding it is way too fake.”

Anyway, he would eventually bring her back to his room, so she would need to know sooner or later.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

This man, even when he was being honest, he remained so calm and confident.

But when Shi Xiaoya heard Han Zhuolings words, she just felt that there was a deeper meaning behind them.

Since Han Zhuoling came, it seemed she could not run away either.

That last step was one she would have to face ultimately.

She knew that as long as she did not want to yet, Han Zhuoling would not ask for it.

But most importantly, actually… she was willing.

From tonight, the moment she saw Han Zhuoling, shed already thought that she wanted to be with him without any reservations at all.

She wanted to belong to him, to completely belong to him.

Just when she had been forced to her wits end by Zheng Xuexin, he suddenly appeared.

At that moment, she was really indescribably touched and felt incredibly reliant on him.

He was like a hero.

It was also at that moment that she knew that she really, really wanted to get intimate with him.

She wanted to give all of her, all to him.

Even with that, she still felt that it was not enough.

And yet, she could not think of anything else that she could give him.

The most she could give him was her heart.

No matter whether Han Zhuoling had that thought or not, Shi Xiaoya had already been mentally prepared for it.

But being willing was one thing.

As long as she thought about it, she would still feel nervous.

Her hand was being held by Han Zhuoling at this moment.

Within a short while, her palms had turned sweaty.

Shi Xiaoya felt really embarrassed.

She felt that sweating like that was very awkward.

She struggled for a bit, wanting to let go for a moment.

Alas, Han Zhuoling held it more tightly and refused to let go even if she was sweating.

Shi Xiaoya said in a small voice, “My palm is all sweaty.”

Her voice was very soft.

As she was nervous, her voice even trembled a little.

Han Zhuoling tilted his head to look.

Usually, if Shi Xiaoya was not so nervous, she would probably feel dazed from Han Zhuolings sudden look.

But at such a moment, how would she care to notice that

Han Zhuoling did not know what this little girl was thinking of in her mind again, just making herself nervous from her own thoughts.


How could she be so cute

Han Zhuoling still did not let go, but he held her wrist and wiped her hands on his coat twice.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Such an unsophisticated action was really not expected to be seen coming from Han Zhuoling.

After wiping her hand, Han Zhuoling wiped his own palm on his coat twice as well.

After that, he then tightly interlinked his fingers with hers to hold her hand.

“Done, theres no more sweat now,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Shi Xiaoya lowered her head.

She gently caressed the back of his thumb with the soft tip of her thumb and could not help but chuckle as she said, “Luckily, you came on time.

I was thinking of you right then, but I didnt expect that you would actually really appear in front of me.”

Shi Xiaoya lifted his hand slightly, looking at the back of his thumb as she caressed it.

This man, even his hands looked so elegant.

Yes, elegant.

Gorgeous and elegant.

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