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Chapter 1955: Did You Miss Me

“It has happened twice already.

It all happened when I was thinking about you, then you appeared before me.” Shi Xiaoya smiled sweetly.

It was as if she could summon him.

Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “Although its all a coincidence, Im also very thankful that I can make it in time when you need me the most.”

Shi Xiaoyas heart thumped loudly, beating faster and faster.

She could not help it.

She just shifted her feet little by little, wanting to get a little closer to Han Zhuoling.

But in fact, the two of them were already very close to each other.

The two of them were standing side by side with their arms pressed against each other.

Their elbows were crossed together, looking like a pair of crossed neck mandarin ducks[1].

When he sensed her intentions, Han Zhuoling just pulled her closer into his arms.

In that way, they indeed got a little closer than before.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya, whose nervousness had just subsided a little, became even more nervous now.

At that moment, a “ding” sounded and the lift reached its stop.

The doors opened, and Han Zhuoling brought Shi Xiaoya out.

He was checking in at the reception desk earlier on and took his room card, but he did not even have time to come back to his room yet.

It was his first time coming over now, so he followed the signs and found his room, opened the door, and went in.

Han Zhuoling put his luggage aside and pulled Shi Xiaoya into his arms.

Shi Xiaoya let go of her luggage.

She placed her hands nervously against his chest.

Han Zhuoling wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Just now, I said I came over because I missed you, but you havent replied to me.”

“What” Shi Xiaoya did not understand.

“You didnt reply about whether you missed me or not,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Didnt I tell you in the lift just now” Shi Xiaoya thought to herself.

How did he forget it so fast

Han Zhuoling chuckled.

“It doesnt count when you think of me when youre in danger.

Do you miss me usually”

Shi Xiaoya minced her lips to hold back her laughter.

Her soft fingertip poked against his chest for a moment as she said, “Of course I miss you! Do you even need to ask this”

When she poked him, she happened to poke right where his heart was at.

Han Zhuolings heart could not help but start racing when she touched him.

He suddenly hugged her tightly in his arms, firmly, and there was almost no more gap left between them.

He lowered his head and went to find her lips to kiss her.

He kissed Shi Xiaoya until she was panting, her cheeks turning into a rosy flush.

Even her lips looked like the color of rose petals.

Gorgeous and alluring.

Han Zhuolings breathing got a little heavier.

He took a deep breath, but it was not very stable.

His gaze landed on Shi Xiaoyas rosy cheeks, her glistening eyes, and her gorgeous lips.

He instantly felt that his eyes were not useful enough.

He wanted to see everything and would think about each spot that his gaze landed on.

His hot and heavy breath landed on her lips, making Shi Xiaoyas lips tremble uncontrollably.

She felt so heated up because of him, as if she was turning numb, and totally could not control herself.

Han Zhuolings lips curved slightly.

As long as he was with her, he just could not help but laugh.

He lowered his head and gently kissed the corner of her lips.

He then slowly inched to the center from the corner of her lips.

Slowly kissing until he reached the tips of her lips.

That protruding, full lips that were even more springy than cotton candy, yet so smooth and soft.

There was nothing that could compare to them.

As he kissed the tips of her lips, he could not bear to let go.

His hands also traveled from her waist to her neck, cupping her face.

His fingertips were just a little rough, which was different from her smoothness.

Especially when he gently caressed her smooth skin, not just because Shi Xiaoya was nervous, but also because of the slight tingling sensation his fingertips brought, she could not help but tremble as well.

[1] Chinese metaphor for couples

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