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Chapter 1957: Gosh, Are They Hallucinating

Shi Xiaoya replied, “I just ordered two similar sets, so I wont be taking from you.

Have fun eating! Seafood isnt that filling.”

“Alright, alright, you guys continue,” Guo Yujie instantly answered.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

As if she and Han Zhuoling had been interrupted in the middle of something.

How dirty!

Not long after, Han Zhuoling finished his bath and came out dressed comfortably in his home clothes.

Shi Xiaoya had already unpacked, removed her makeup, and bathed when she was in her own room.

She was all clean now.

To ease her nerves and let her relax, Han Zhuoling switched on the TV and especially chose a popular variety show to watch.

Indeed, Shi Xiaoya unknowingly loosened up.

Meanwhile, the delivery guy had arrived, calling to say hes waiting at the hotel lobby.

Han Zhuoling said, “You can stay here, Ill go and retrieve it.”

So she could avoid bumping into Zheng Xuexin or Liu Enxiao.

Zheng Xuexin now naturally didnt dare to touch her and would probably lick her boots if he saw her.

But that didnt mean Shi Xiaoya wouldnt be nauseated by Zheng Xuexin.

As for Liu Enxiao, it didnt matter if she knew she was exposed now, but Han Zhuoling didnt want Shi Xiaoya to see anyone who made her unhappy.

Shi Xiaoya nodded dutifully, not moving an inch, and continued watching the television in the comfort of the sofa.

Han Zhuoling laughed and went out.

After verifying with the delivery boy, he took the meal.

Just then, Lu Dongliu and the others came back from their supper.

Theyd had a few drinks, but not too much.

They knew they had work tomorrow morning.

And when they entered, they saw Han Zhuoling holding the delivery box.

Everybody: “…”

Gosh, were they hallucinating

Why did they see Han Zhuoling here

Making sure that he wasnt imagining things, Lu Dongliu walked over.

“Young Master Ling.” He didnt ask why he was here.

Why else

Other than to meet with Shi Xiaoya

Lu Dongliu was curious.

Who knew Shi Xiaoya was so charming Shes out for only a few days and Han Zhuolings already following her.

Just like Han Zhuoli and Lu Man back then.

They were truly brothers!

Shi Xiaoya mentioned how Lu Dongliu helped her this morning.

Han Zhuoling wouldnt pin the blame on Lu Dongliu for the trouble created by Zheng Xuexin and Liu Enxiao.

“Director Lu.” Han Zhuoling glanced at the people behind the director.

“Just had your supper”

“Thats right.” Lu Dongliu looked at the food in Han Zhuolings hands.

“Youre here for Xiaoya”

Han Zhuoling nodded.

Liu Enxiao, whod tagged behind the crowd, saw Han Zhuoling and felt her heart sink.

Why was Han Zhuoling here!

He wouldnt have encountered Zheng Xuexin, would he

Liu Enxiao was nervous.

Hopefully, Zheng Xuexin had already succeeded when Han Zhuoling came.

If hed failed, hopefully, Zheng Xuexin hadnt bumped into Han Zhuoling.

Liu Enxiao hoped that even if Zheng Xuexin was unlucky enough to be seen by Han Zhuoling, he at least would only have to wait until he really screwed Shi Xiaoya over.

Even if he was caught in the act, its fine as long as he tainted Shi Xiaoyas innocence.

Then her plan would succeed.

She felt that no man could ever stand watching his woman being taken advantage of by other men

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