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Chapter 1958: Arrange

Even if she was forced.

The shadow would always remain in their hearts.

So what if Han Zhuoling liked Shi Xiaoya

Liu Enxiao didnt reckon Han Zhuolings feelings for Shi Xiaoya ran deep.

Since they only just got together.

Parting ways was quick and easy.

Breaking up wouldnt be too upsetting

A cool man like Han Zhuoling, especially, who appeared almost like a robot, he wouldnt be so much in love with Shi Xiaoya.

Moreover, his ex-wife had made him a cuckold.

Liu Enxiao thought Han Zhuoling most certainly couldnt bear another round of it.

Hence, even if it was this kind of circumstance, Liu Enxiao felt it was a success to some degree.

In her eyes, the only failure was when Zheng Xuexin was caught by Han Zhuoling even before hed managed to touch Shi Xiaoya.

Then its too bad for Zheng Xuexin.

But looking at Han Zhuolings composure now, its as if nothing had happened.

Either Zheng Xuexin failed and never met Han Zhuoling, or he succeeded and similarly never met Han Zhuoling while Shi Xiaoya kept mum about it.

Of course, Shi Xiaoya would stay silent; had she talked, how else would Han Zhuoling still stay with her

Pity, Han Zhuolings been made a cuckold once more.

She just didnt know which scenario it was.

Liu Enxiao avoided looking at Han Zhuoling while her thoughts flowed.

She obviously hoped its the second situation.

Even so, Liu Enxiao felt guilty.

Han Zhuoling spotted her, naturally.

But Han Zhuoling maintained his composure.

“What a coincidence seeing Director Lu here.

I have something I need your help with.”

Lu Dongliu obviously wouldnt reject him.

“Ask away, you neednt be so polite.”

“In the morning, arrange for Liu Enxiao to do Zheng Xuexins makeup,” Han Zhuoling said.

Momentarily stunned, Lu Dongliu quickly said, “Young Master Ling, did Liu Enxiao offend you in any way If its something small, could you… not give up, but at least not allocate her to Zheng Xuexin Zheng Xuexins too outrageous.

Lu Donglius someone whod protect his employees as much as his abilities could allow.

Han Zhuoling really liked this about him.

And thus was assured about Shi Xiaoya staying with the production team.

It was the production teams fault for making Shi Xiaoya do Zheng Xuexins makeup today.

But Lu Dongliu went to protect her, so he made up for the mistake.

But what kind of man was Han Zhuoling

What Shi Xiaoya never expected, what Zheng Xuexin didnt finish saying… Han Zhuoling could glean.

Liu Enxiao instigated Zheng Xuexin to go after Shi Xiaoya, so when Shi Xiaoya got allocated to Zheng Xuexin in the morning, it probably wasnt something as simple as bad luck on drawing lots.

Even if shes really unfortunate, didnt the production team know Zheng Xuexins character

Why didnt anyone bother to intervene in the first place

“Director Lu, lets talk on the way.”

Lu Dongliu nodded and followed Han Zhuoling into the lift.

With Han Zhuoling around, the others didnt dare to follow, so the lift only contained the two of them.

Liu Enxiaos currently feeling anxious and guilty but couldnt find a way to do anything about it.

She didnt dare to contact Zheng Xuexin now and inquire how it went.

Its alright if he succeeded, but what if he failed and turned his anger on her

She could only comfort herself that Han Zhuoling probably didnt know what happened since he didnt spare a gla

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